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6 Things to Do in Iceland With Kids

  September 24

Welcome back to part three of my traveling with kids series. In this series, I’m sharing some amazing places I’ve been fortunate to visit with my little family. I’m also giving you some tips and tricks of what worked for us and why we picked each location. Today, I’ll be chatting about things to do … Continued

7 Things to Do in New Orleans With Kids

  August 6

Welcome back to my travel series where I’m sharing five posts full of tips and tricks for traveling with kids. In my last post in the series, I shared 6 Things to Do on Mackinac Island With Kids and today I’m going to share 7 things to do in New Orleans with kids. This series … Continued

6 Things to Do on Mackinac Island With Kids

  July 10

Have you ever heard of Mackinac Island? It’s a magical little place in Michigan where cars aren’t allowed, horses and bikes are the main form of transportation, and fudge is pretty much the primary food group. I thought it would be fun to write about our recent trip there and share some things to do … Continued

3 Ways to Travel the World for Free

  February 16

If this blog has proved anything over the past few years, it’s that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to travel. The hubs and I are major fans of seeing new places. It’s one of our most favorite things to do in life. We even lived in the Caribbean for three years … Continued

How I Took My Twins to Disney World on a Tight Budget

  November 22

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some pictures from our recent trip to Disney World. It was the very first Disney trip for our twins, and we absolutely loved taking them. There’s nothing better than seeing your kids so excited to ride on It’s a Small World at the Magic Kingdom … Continued

3 Ways to Have an Awesome Life After a Big Move

  September 17

My husband and I have moved so many times in the past few years. We’ve lived in Louisiana, Virginia, the Caribbean, and just outside of New York City. Every move has had its challenges, but they’ve always been exciting too. For example, the day we landed in the Caribbean when we moved there, we were tired but so … Continued

The One Thing I Should Have Bought For My European Vacation

  July 25

There is so much I’ve been meaning to tell all of you about the month long vacation/work-cation I took in May! In case you missed it, I had the awesome opportunity to take my little family to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and France, and we visited all of those places over the course of a month. … Continued

How to Make All Your Dreams for Your Family Come True

  May 27

Raise your hand if you have big, amazing dreams for your family. (I mean, I think we all do, right?!) We all want to have a safe home for our kids, enough money to give them a good childhood, and enough hours in the day to have a moment to ourselves to pursue some of … Continued

How These 12 Incredibly Successful Mompreneurs Make It Work

  December 10

The number one question I get asked constantly isn’t how I manage money. It isn’t how I set up a budget. It’s not how I’m investing in my children’s college education. Nope; the number one question I get asked it, “How do you do it all?” Many people want to know how I run a … Continued

7 Frugal Tips for Parents Who Travel For Work

  November 16

This past weekend I traveled to Austin for a bachelorette party and two meetings. The weekend before I traveled to Pittsburg to speak at MomCon (which was really fun!) The Hubs has been traveling too. In between my Pittsburg and Austin trips, he traveled to Brooklyn for a residency interview and then immediately flew to … Continued
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