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Over the course of her blogging career, Catherine Alford has been featured in several different forms of media both on TV and online. If you are a member of the media who needs an expert source, commentator, a quote, or a partner for a media campaign, please contact us.


“The Financial Challenges of Raising Children”

Expert Commentator and Family Finance Expert on Good Morning America

Online Media Mentions

“9 Unusual Ways to Pay For College”

“How a Financial Blogger Turned Her Hobby Into a Business”


“16 Savings Tips from Today’s Top Personal Finance Bloggers”

“Unconventional Business Advice from Successful Entrepreneurs”

“How to Write for The Huffington Post and Earn Money for Your Work”

“10 Best Budgeting Blogs”

“6 Budget Success Tips from Inspirational Personal Finance Bloggers”

“The Top 25 Millennial Personal Finance Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2015”

“5 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund in 5 Months”

Online Video Interviews

“4 Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance”

TIME Magazine

“About Living in the Caribbean”

“About motherhood, located at the bottom of this post”


HuffPost Live Recap Clips

Blog Interviews


“The only money advice you ever really need is learning how to tell yourself ‘no’ as often as possible; this discipline will serve you in all areas of personal finance.”

“The only money advice you ever really need is learning how to tell yourself ‘no’ as often as possible; this discipline will serve you in all areas of personal finance.”

“I would definitely be more conservative with my student loans. I took out far more than I needed, and I truly regret it.”

“I was a historian and thought I always would be, but I quit my job and followed my husband out of the country so he could go to med school.”

“I love lots of online money management programs, but I still find myself being old school and using a simple Excel spreadsheet.”

“Be yourself. Let your freak flag fly. The more you are real, the more worried you are about publishing a post, the more people will relate to you.”


“They have wireless internet and awesome piña coladas that you can order and have brought down. It’s my favorite place to relax and to work.”

“I couldn’t imagine that I’d be doing the job I have now ten years earlier.”

“Nothing worthwhile comes easily.”

“If Cat could go back and give herself some financial advice in her 20s she would go back and tell herself ‘not to take out so many student loans and not to rent such a big apartment!'”

Podcast Interviews

Award Winning Podcast with over 2 million downloads

Cat’s episode had over 14,507 downloads

“Cat is always one of our favorite guests to have on Listen Money Matters; she knows her stuff when it comes to freelancing (and has the experience to back up her words), works harder than pretty much anyone we know, and our guests love her.”

Thomas Frank

Host of Listen, Money Matters


Award Winning Podcast with over 1 million downloads


Award Winning Podcast with over 1 million downloads

Contributed Articles

Catherine has contributed over a thousand articles to blogs and businesses over the past several years. Here’s a small sample:

“What Nobody Tells You About the First 3 Months of Motherhood”


“Jobs for Kids: Sign Up to Be a Toy Tester”

“Why Your Spouse is Your Most Important Money Decision”

“How to Break Free From a Financial Slump”

“15 Simple Ways To Pay Off Debt Faster Than Your Neighbors”

“Inexpensive Ways to Make Your House a Home”

“Who Wears the Budgeting Pants in Your House?”

“Here’s Why Being Frugal Gets Easier Over Time”

“What it Took for Me to Quit My Job and Work For Myself in Six Months”

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