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Writing Wrap Up + Our Pledge + $260,000 In Loans

  August 9

Hey yo! It’s writing wrap up time. Enjoy a bunch of awesome personal finance articles linked below and yes, the student loan balance listed in the title is for real. Details below! Life Update: Our Pledge The hubs and I have decided that we will go to the pool and the beach at least once … Continued

Writing Wrap Up + Mr. Iguana

  August 3

Hey blog peeps! Happy weekend! I wanted to publish this yesterday, but ya know, the Internet practically exploded and no one could get to their blogs. So, I did some writing for a few other sites instead and let Budget Blonde rest and recuperate. Luckily it seems like most of the blogs who were down … Continued

Writing Wrap Up + Good News About Freelance Income

  July 12

Hey blog peeps! What’s up in yo hood? How’s yo day? Why am I so gangsta right now? Let’s get to the updates… Blog Update I can’t believe I forgot to tell y’all something kind of awesome!! Last month I made more income from my side hustles than I did from my day job! First … Continued

Writing Wrap Up & Around Grenada in 5 Days

  June 7

Hi Blog Peeps! Welcome to another writing round up. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Grenada below. Grenada/Life Update I mentioned last week that I was working on a new project during the month of June at my day job. This project involves going all around the island, so I’ve seen some really cool … Continued
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