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Writing Wrap Up + Mr. Iguana

  August 3

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Hey blog peeps! Happy weekend! I wanted to publish this yesterday, but ya know, the Internet practically exploded and no one could get to their blogs. So, I did some writing for a few other sites instead and let Budget Blonde rest and recuperate. Luckily it seems like most of the blogs who were down are now back up. Hooray!

Life Update

The summer is quickly coming to an end, and I am still in shock that we have 4.5 months left on the island. We’re going to be so extremely busy this fall, but I’m hoping we can still enjoy it. Once the hubs starts school in a week, I know everything will go at lightning speed. I’m not sure I’m ready to re-enter the “real world” aka the U.S. of A. (It’s so quiet and peaceful on this rock.) But, life has to move on.

Also, my dog Julep rarely barks, but she just about lost her mind barking out the window yesterday. She was truly beside herself. I didn’t see anything, but I walked outside and saw this guy going for an afternoon stroll. It’s the biggest iguana I’ve seen yet!

Grenada Iguana

Blog Update

Luckily, my side hustle income increased in July, up a couple hundred dollars from June. I really can’t believe it. To be completely honest, every month I always think there is no way I can make more than I did the month before, and I always get really nervous, but so far so good. At this rate, I should be able to confidently be a full time blogger in January, but I have a lot of work to do on this site to ensure that it happens.

I really welcome any and all advice on this front, and if you’re a fellow blogger, I give 10% back for any advertising deal I make that was referred by you so please feel free to e-mail me about that (Cat[at]BudgetBlonde[dot]com)

Posts I Wrote For Others

If you are new to Budget Blonde, you might not know that peeps can hire me to write their blog content! Here are the two most popular posts from last week:

Why List’s Work – Everything Finance Blog

Student Loans: My Biggest Financial Mistake – Young Adult Money

Posts that Rocked

Brian wrote about seizing opportunities.

Carrie wrote about what self-employment is really like.

Happy birthday, Wendy!

Sam says to tell yourself hard truths.

Jeremy enlightened us on the importance of link anchor text variations.


Thanks to David, Holly, and SaveUp for linking to Budget Blonde.

Thanks also to The Huff. They took clips of me from last week’s interview and made a new video for AOL. *blush*

move to the caribbean


I just signed up for BlogLovin’ for our awesome $900 giveaway so you can follow me there if you like. 😀

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Have a great weekend everyone!

13 responses to “Writing Wrap Up + Mr. Iguana

  1. That’s such a crazy Iguana! I’m excited to hear about your transition back to the USA. Very cool interview with the Huff Post!

  2. I can’t believe you only have a few more months left! Make the best of your time 🙂 I’m also glad that July was better than June. I know how you feel, I always wonder if I’ll be able to beat the month before.

  3. You are doing awesome Cat! Seems like everywhere I go online, I’m reading your content. 🙂 Thanks for the link. I really appreciate it.

  4. It’s pretty crazy to just look outside the window and see a iguana casually walking by :)) I’m sure you know what’s best… but why not stay there?

    Also, congrats on growing your blog and income. Being a full time blogger is extremely rewarding and I am sure you will be an even more successful one. Maybe even consider creating a second blog? If you have the time to do it, just imagine how nice it would be to have two different sources of income with the potential to at least double the money… 🙂

  5. Omg the Iguana is pretty big. Our dog would be after that like a bolt of lightening. I could only imagine the barking fest that would be happening in our house. I guess moving back to the USA will be a change for the both of you but all good chapters in our life must come to an end and another started. Have a lovely week mate. Cheers

  6. All the best in ramping up towards blogging full time! I have faith that your income will continue to grow, as you are growing the site.

    Good on your dog for alerting you of the iguana. I have a feeling my dogs would be crouching behind me whimpering…

  7. congrats on the side income, that’s awesome! Enjoy the time you have left on the island! I think your blog looks great and am looking forward to hearing about its growth.

  8. Your post was definitely a popular one on Y.A.M. last week! That is a pretty big iguana, I’m not sure how I would react to seeing it. I’m not used to seeing any sort of wildlife besides squirrels and bunnies out here, as well as the occasional deer.

  9. Oh, I can imagine how that iguana freaked Julep right out. 🙂 Our indoor cat freaks out even at the site of the barn cats. It’s just freaky out there, LOL.

  10. Thanks for sharing my post about self-employment, I really appreciate it! I also loved your story and advice on the HuffPo live segment. Great job!

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