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I Don’t Want to Appear Rich Anymore, I Want to be Rich!

  May 28

This post is by staff writer Kayla: A couple weeks ago I started to feel the big green monster of jealousy rising up inside me when one of my co-workers got a brand new Cadillac Escalade. It’s not that I want a giant gas guzzling status symbol, but I did find myself suddenly wanting to … Continued

I’m 28, and I’ve Never Had a Credit Card. Ever.

  September 16

Hi everyone! Hope y’all are having a great week! I didn’t mean to leave you hanging by leaving out a blonde pic of myself last week! It’s nothing fancy – just a few highlights! – but I hadn’t washed my hair in a while so it wasn’t looking too purty. I will get to it. … Continued

Three Tips For Leaving Your Job On A Good Note

  August 4

I’m out and about today doing my first paid public speaking gig as Budget Blonde. 🙂 It should be pretty fun. I’ll be out at Rutgers University teaching some awesome high school students how to become millionaires. There will be talk of Beyonce. It should be epic. So, in the meantime, please welcome my friend … Continued

The Importance of Your Personal Brand

  April 22

Today, we have a post from personal finance blogger Harry Campbell.  Harry started blogging about personal finance on his main site Your PF Pro a few years ago and enjoyed it so much that he started a second site dedicated to finding the perfect work-life balance at The Four Hour Work Day.  When Harry is … Continued

Money Lessons I’d Teach My Younger Self

  April 21

Please welcome the very talented Kali of Common Sense Millennial who is working hard to become a full time freelancer very soon! After you’re finished with the post, go ahead and follow her updates on Twitter @CSMillennial Decisions we should have made or actions we should have taken in the past seem painfully obvious to … Continued

4 Things Freelancers Can Do to Make Yourself More Valuable

  April 14

I’m so excited to welcome a post from Carrie Smith today! Carrie was the person who inspired me to pursue blogging full time. She is an awesome writer and a huge inspiration to tons of aspiring entrepreneurs out there. I hope you enjoy her post today! As a freelance writer I often face a lot … Continued

I Don’t Have a Boyfriend, but I’m Planning My Wedding

  March 26

Hi Everyone! I’m so very excited to announce that I am officially a mom! 🙂 I had the twins just a few days ago, and I can’t wait to share all the details with you very, very soon! They are amazing, and the hubs and I are so in love with them. Since we are … Continued

Make Your Home Fancy and Modern On A Budget

  September 26

I don’t know about you, but back when I had a TV, I could literally spend hours and hours watching HGTV. I love watching people take their homes and make them fabulous.  I guess I am just feeling the love of writing about budget design again, like the post I wrote on DIY money saving … Continued

5 Pieces of Money Advice For Everyone

  July 16

The following is contribution by Celina Jones. If you are interested in posting on BudgetBlonde, please e-mail me at Cat BudgetBlonde com. It can be hard to determine whether a particular piece of money advice is right for you, and the Internet is full of ideas and opinions! However, there are some tried and true pieces of advice that almost everyone can benefit from. … Continued
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