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A $900 Giveaway + Our Cheap Backpacking Adventure

  August 1

What do you get when 30 bloggers loooove their readers and want to give them something awesome? Oh ya know, just $900! It’s true; we’ve been very sneaky and working behind the scenes to bring you our biggest giveaway yet, and unlike last time, there are 3 chances to win! The first prize is $500, … Continued

Summertime Spending + A $480.00 Giveaway!

  July 1

Today is an awesome day! 16 bloggers pooled our pennies to give you an amazing giveaway today! $480 bucks to go towards anything you want! Two nights in a hotel, a snazzy new wardrobe, or that fancy little iPad you’ve been eyeing – whatever it is, it can be yours. 🙂 But first, let’s talk. … Continued
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