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Summertime Spending + A $480.00 Giveaway!

  July 1

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july_giveawayToday is an awesome day! 16 bloggers pooled our pennies to give you an amazing giveaway today! $480 bucks to go towards anything you want! Two nights in a hotel, a snazzy new wardrobe, or that fancy little iPad you’ve been eyeing – whatever it is, it can be yours. 🙂

But first, let’s talk.

Let’s talk about summertime spending.

I don’t know what it is, but when the summer months come around, I get a lot more lax with my budget and lot more open to spending my paycheck on things I normally wouldn’t. 🙂

The budget category that always takes the biggest hit is definitely my entertainment budget. With the hubs out of school and all our friends excited to put another semester behind them, we always go out to eat, barbeque on the beach, or purchase an extra bottle of wine. Plus when the hubs is out of school, he can actually take me on a decent date! A nice meal out or a quick trip to the movies, and my entertainment budget is easily gone in the first week!

Luckily, I worked a ton of overtime in June, so these little extras don’t sting too badly right now. We’re grateful to have the time off together and enjoy this little island that we call home!

So, now it’s your turn. If you want to overspend a little this summer, it’s now time to:

Enter to Win this Amazing Giveaway!

Here are the official deets:

One lucky winner will win: $480 Cash via PayPal

Participant must be 18 years or older to enter

Winner will be notified by email

Open WorldWide

July 1 – 21

Please enter below as many times as you wish! Good luck!

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27 responses to “Summertime Spending + A $480.00 Giveaway!

  1. I would spend the money on back to school clothes and supplies and pay on my credit card with what was left.

  2. I know what you mean. When the sun is shining and it’s actually nice to eat outside, I always indulge a bit. We don’t get a ton of these days up in Chicago.

  3. Thanks very much for joining in on this giveaway! And that’s great that you had all that OT in June so that you can relax and enjoy going out with friends without worrying about your budget. Always a nice feeling.

  4. I definitely like people watching at the beach or any outdoor place, and when I’m out drinks or food always come into play. I try to minimize it by just getting some frozen yogurt or smoothie, though.

  5. I would spend the extra money to spoil my husband when he gets the rare break from medical school!

  6. Great Giveaway! Not sure yet what I would spend the money on but I am sure I will come up with something!

  7. Summer is a great time to spend money on fun stuff and an even easier time for people to go into debt, especially when paying for a vacation. Still have to stay disciplined.

  8. I met Cat down here in Grenada, as I am a fellow student in “Hubs” medical school term. We met through a sweet girl we both consider to be a dear friend. Cat, congratulations on all your success. You are down to Earth, very hardworking, and truly deserving. I have entered the Summer Lovin’ cash prize giveaway. If I win, I will spoil my nieces and nephews/myself during a short break home in NJ before coming back down to the island, without the guilt of using student loans to do so.

  9. Great Giveaway Cat! I’m much more relaxed in general in the summer and that usually meant more relaxed with my spending but this summer I’m going to make a good effort to make it fun and frugal! Happy to hear your hubs is out of school so you two can finally go on some decent dates 🙂

  10. An extra $480 sure would come in handy. Summer and Winter (christmas holidays) are always the most expensive for me. Somehow fall and spring don’t seem to be as spendy.

  11. I might actually use the money to put in my retirement account.

  12. What a fab competition! I’m going to France later in the summer but would resist the temptation to spend the whole lot on chocolate croissants! We’d instead use it to pay for our car hire and would enjoy seeing a bit of the West Coast.
    Thanks for this chance to win, and to get to know some great new blogs.
    Skint in the Citty xxx

  13. In the summer I spend too much money on drinks–they’re so expensive at bars and clubs here in NYC, but you don’t want to be left out when out with friends (and everyone has alot more free time for going out)! However, if I got an extra $480, it would go toward the new insulin pump I really want but don’t know if I should spring for. Health first 🙂

  14. Well it’s the middle of Winter down here in Oz, but I would use that $480 to go towards a mid-Winter sunshine break at a beach somewhere.

  15. I think it’s awesome that you all are doing this giveaway. In the past, my summer budget was spent on outtings with friends–drinks, dinner, movies, etc. This year I am on the tightest budget I have ever had. I’m seriously considering a second job. If I won this giveaway it would give me a good amount of breathing room. I would probably put a portion in my savings, a portion in checking for breathing room, and a bit towards the credit card I’ve been naughty with. I probably deserve one night of fun, so I’d have to go out and celebrate with friends, too.

  16. i would def use this to add some awesome clothes to my closet, but id take half and pay off some more of my cred card debt too!

  17. Would love to apply some of this money to my student loans!

  18. Summer is fun time and we spend the money in the summer on vacations.

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