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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #7

  September 28

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The beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada – That’s where I live now.
It’s hard to believe that for 7 weeks, this has been my home.
It’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty and the scenery here in Grenada and forget that we are so far away from our families!
Many of my dear friends here in Grenada are away from their families for the first time as are many of hubby’s friends. It’s tough and it’s hard on them and I hate to see any of them upset. I miss my family like always, but it’s been to my benefit that I’ve spent so much time being independent. Boarding school, going to an out of state college, enduring rougher times than this, and living in another state for 4 years have prepared me well for this little adventure.
Still, I love that we can all benefit from finding the good here in Grenada to help offset the crazy things that happen when you live in a developing nation.
So, welcome to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday,” a linky party named after the phrase “This is Grenada” or “T.I.G.” for short. It’s what you say when things are a bit weird around here, and I know you have a little bit of crazy where you live too! So come one, come all, and let’s par-tay! Link up your posts at the bottom of this page. I’d love to see them!
Here are some of my favorite submissions from last week:
Southern Blogger is known for his mad cartooning skills. After reading about how I found a worm in my grits, he sent me this hilarious cartoon:
Drawing by Southern Blogger
Gale wrote about fishing huge black grasshoppers out of the pool in Texas. Oh, and it’s so dry in Texas, her yard caught on fire. Yikes! This.Is.Texas.!
Holly wrote about the joys of “Caribbean time” and also recently posted these incredible pictures of the sea. T.I.G.
Photo by Holly
Now for ours:
My sandal broke when I was out dancing, and a very nice Grenadian man took a beer bottle cap and somehow fixed my sandal with it. T.I.G.
I had the most incredible, fresh strawberry and mango smoothie last Sunday. T.I.G.
Julep the puppy’s walks have now turned into lizard hunting expeditions. She cannot walk straight. All she wants to do is dive into the bushes hoping, dreaming, and praying that one day she can catch the gigantic lizards that roam the island. T.I.G.
Poor hubs got locked out of our apartment. Yet, the best thing about Grenada is that we have about 10 friends within walking distance of us. All he did was walk down the street, knock on his friend’s door, and had a place to hang out for a while until I got home! T.I.G.

The hubs participated in a local health fair for several hours last weekend where they provided different screenings, took blood, etc. for locals here than cannot afford health care. One sweet Grenadian lady sat down in front of my hubs and proclaimed, “Oooh, aren’t you pretty!” T.I.G.



10 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday #7

  1. Sounds like your dog is having fun chasing those lizards! I read your post about Finding Yourself in Grenada too. I’m trying to declutter here…and it’s so hard. So hard to let go! Thanks for sharing that encouraging post…got to keep my mind on that pay-off!

    That fire last week made me so thankful for neighbors…I could disect it and say that they were all there helping me because the fire could spread to their house too, but I don’t think so. I think they would have been there with their hoses even if there was not a chance in the world of their homes being touched…and I was really, really touched by what they did!

  2. PS: Yeah, gotta spell out This is Texas…cause the acronym just doesn’t work so well.

    Though, I suppose it would be fun to have a “tit for tat” wednessday sometime, ie..

    TIT = This is Texas
    TAT = This AINT Texas

    Hmm…going to have to think on THAT a bit!

  3. I want to move there!!
    The manfriend is living in Saba and I’ll be going there in January to visit but sometimes I wish he was somewhere a little nicer (St. Marteen, Grenada!… those would be good!!)

  4. Tomorrow I’m getting new tires and I’m totally taking a picture of the “Peep Show” sign across the street from the Goodyear I go to. “This is Detroit.” :)n I’ll link it once I get the picture up.

  5. Can I go back in time and do a TIG post for Andy’s car he had when he was in Grenada? It’s pretty funny, and I think everyone would enjoy it.

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