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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #24

  March 28

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Howdy blog friends! I’m still battling what I now know to be an ear infection, but I have some fun reminiscing to do! Call me stubborn, but I can’t let the party stop on account of a little illness. Won’t you join me in this weekly {This is Wherever Wednesday} party? (If you’re new to my blog – hi! – just click here to learn what TIWW is all about.)

Last week, I was so excited that two of my lovely blog friends participated by writing about their hometowns.

Gale shared a really funny photo of an extra stretch limo in Texas at the drive through &
Marisa continues to amaze me with the sights and signs in Detroit!

As for me, did you know that a pie could travel 2,300 miles unscathed? A chocolate pecan pie that is. Did I mention my mother in law is amazing? We seriously cannot believe she baked this pie, froze it, and sent it to us. And, yes we ate it, and it was still good. Based on this little experiment, we will now be accepting any and all baked pies to our little P.O. Box in Grenada. 🙂 T.I.G.

Also, last night I was putting together a photobook of our first year in Grenada. I came across several photos that had me reminiscing a bit. I hope you like them too! T.I.G.







Hope you enjoyed the look back in time as much as I did!


3 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday #24

  1. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Funny about the pie! (And cool too…I wouldn’t think it would make it that far. I’ve sent a friend in India pie makings (she loves pumpkin pie) but never the whole pie! *grin*

    Didn’t link up this week but I’ll be back next time! 🙂 Funny thing is, when I went back to that mall yesterday the Limo was STILL THERE. Not sure if it just parks there, or if just that type of Limo is popular with Prom goers who go to that particular Sports Bar (which would be funnier). Have to see if it’s still there next time I go that way…cause before this month it wasn’t there.

  2. An alligator was found on the side of Dyer Road by mom and dad’s house. Allegedly, it crawled out of the Comite River. Scary… it could have just taken a short walk over to the garden. Better keep Julep close if you take her for a walk this summer! Not sure if this classifies as a “This is BR” or “This is Louisiana” story. The alligator did make the newspaper.

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