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This is {Wherever} Wednesday #16

  December 7

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Welcome to This is {Wherever} Wednesday #16!

This is a par-tay where you link up a story about your hometown whether it made you laugh, cry, or roll your eyes.

At the end of each of my posts, I put “T.I.G.” which stands for “This is Grenada,” a little thing we say around here when things get crazy (or just plain annoying.) So, feel free to join in on the fun. All I ask is for a link back to my site after you follow all the steps by clicking the blue “add your link” button at the bottom of this post.

Here are my favorites from last week:

Whit actually experienced an earthquake in St. Maarten. Scary!
Gale wrote about gardening in Texas in the fall.

And here are ours for this week:

A plumber was supposed to come on Friday to fix a few things, and thus I was told I’d be without water on Friday. So, I filled up reserves etc. and went on my merry way. It turns out the plumber came today, late, and so I was left without water and without reserves since I was unprepared. T.I.G.

My friend’s bathroom lightbulb went out, and she had to wait a while for a replacement to come available at the hardware store. So until then, she just used the flashlight on her phone as her light source while taking a shower. T.I.G.

My friend is leaving Grenada after living here for three years. She shared some great insight about the culture that has really helped me grow to appreciate living here even more. I’ll share more about what I learned in an upcoming vlog. T.I.G.

We were lucky enough to get two amazingly huge lobsters for around $12 US. A fisherman went into the hubs’ work with fresh ones that he caught that morning, and sold hit to hubs on the spot. The hubs cooked and prepared it for dinner and it was so amazing!!! T.I.G.

I’m working with the U.S. Embassy on an oral history project. It’s been really great, and pretty much the only time I’ve put my two hard earned history degrees to use here. We went to talk to kids at a school, and it was really fun for me to ride in the chauffeured, armored U.S. Embassy vehicle. It felt a little fancy and a little bad ass at the same time. T.I.G.

Despite being in the tropics, I noticed that the faux Christmas tree I bought here has a light dusting of snow on it. T.I.G.

The hubs went to a neighboring island, Carriacou, to do some data collection for his internship. While on the boat and getting seasick, he wondered why a 90 minute trip was taking over 2 hours. It was only then that someone informed him that the “fast boat” was broken, and they were on the “slow boat” that makes the trip 3 hours instead of 90 minutes. T.I.G.


2 responses to “This is {Wherever} Wednesday #16

  1. Another Vlog – is it seriously that time again ALREADY??
    And that lobster looks like heaven… oh my word… I need some!

    That is awesome that you are working with the US Embassy right now – that would have been very cool driving in the armored vehicle!! You’ve been busy lovely lady 🙂 xo

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