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The Snow is Melting & A Writing Wrap Up

  March 13

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french onion soupGuys, I feel just about as happy as can be. The snow, my friends, is finally melting. I believe I just survived my first winter a resident of the great Northeast, and let me tell you, it was a brutal one!

The kids first birthday is right around the corner too, so I feel like spring is in the air or at least, it’s making its way here. As you can see on the right, I’ve been making soups like crazy. I’ve had vegetarian meals for almost two weeks now, which is the longest I’ve ever gone. The soup on the right is French Onion and my hubs LOVED it. It was my first time making it and the homemade bread with it. I felt like a regular ol’ Betty Crocker wife. Soon we will get to incorporate some nice salads with the spring weather and get off of this soup kick, and I. can’t. wait.

I need to update you on my food spending from last month, but everything has been on track. So far this month in March, I’m averaging about $60 a week. My little babies are literally eating hoardes of food. They went through 3 batches of bananas together just last week, so needless to say, the food budget will be needing an, ahem, adjustment!

On the work front, I have been doing several different things behind the scenes. The most important thing on the list is that I’m trying to add more public speaking to my calendar, because I really enjoy doing it. It’s seriously a blast. However, these early days of booking public speaking gigs reminds me of my early days of trying to get writing jobs – seriously hustle, hustle, hustle! I created to keep all of the talks that I offer and testimonials in one place. Please check it out if you need a speaker for your next event!

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Have a great weekend, everyone!

12 responses to “The Snow is Melting & A Writing Wrap Up

  1. My kids go through a ridiculous amount of bananas! Could be worse, right?!
    The snow is melting up here, too. Melt snow, MELT!

  2. Want to share that French Onion soup recipe?! I’m with you on the speaking gigs. I spoke at NYU this week and it was such an amazing experience. Plus, it’s nice to feel like I’m putting that theatre degree to good use!

  3. I definitely want the soup recipe, although, with the weather warming up I am starting to think of grilling more than soups. Congrats on your new writing gig and the website! It looks fantastic!

  4. Thanks for linking to my post! I’m also so much happier this week between daylight savings time and the warmer weather – it feels like spring turned on like a light!

  5. I remember when you wrote about speaking in schools. I hope that many of your public speaking engagements will involve students. There is no better way to teach about money-management than to have a real-live person share real-live experiences. Text books just don’t do the trick in this case. Good luck!

  6. I love what you said – “Hustle, hustle, hustle!” I think I’m going to make that my tagline for now. Congratulations on your public speaking gigs too!

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