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Ten Gifts for $10.00 or Less

  December 16

This post may contain affiliate links.
In case you’re having a little trouble with those last minute Christmas gifts, here’s an assortment of things I know I love for either $10.00 or less. The exact price as well as a link to the store where you can buy the item are located at the bottom of this post. And, if you know me, you better believe this list includes things that are vintage, pink, sparkley, and fun. Enjoy. 🙂


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1. Handmade stickers perfect for presents. $7.95 for six from CraftyPagan
2. Vintage braided costume earrings. $10.00 from ProseAndPalaver
3. Adorable dachshund coin purse. $10.00 from PersnicketyPelican
4. Cute rhinestone owl tote. $7.80 from Forever21
5. Love this typeface bracelet (because I love anything that reminds me of a typewriter!). $10.00 from hmarlene
6. Sparkley clutch purse. $9.80 from Forever21
7. Victorian styled chunky necklace. $10.00 from TwinCitiesFancy
8. Pearl and rhinestone wreath pin. Just perfect for the holidays at $9.00 from alaMod
9. Pink mum flower ring with filigree base. $10.00 from Nomsa
10. Vintage glass tray. $7.00 from JustSmashingDarling

Which one is your favorite? Can you believe all of these are either $10.00 or less?

{Please note, none of these sellers have paid me to endorse their products. This is just a list of budget friendly items I have found and would love to have under my own tree. :)}

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