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We Actually Did It: Our Very Minimalist Christmas

  December 24

For weeks, I’ve been talking about battling materialism and consumerism for our children’s first Christmas. I’ve written about my plan to give them very few Christmas gifts and go as minimalist as possible. I’ve written about this plan across multiple sites on purpose so I would actually do it. We went back and forth on … Continued

How to Be Minimalist and Have a Baby

  November 17

There are a billion different ways to be a parent, and obviously, the hubs and I have developed our own way of doing things over the past 7.5 months (time flies doesn’t it!?) Many people don’t believe you can be minimalist and have a baby, especially if you have grandparents buying birthday gifts and Christmas … Continued

My Affordable Engagement Ring

  July 3

The locals in Grenada call an engagement ring a “married ring.” It’s really cute. The kids here always ask to see my married ring, and on the rare occasion when I get my nails done, the ladies in the salon always seem to ask me about it too. I love it because it was an … Continued

One Year Without A Smart Phone

  August 28

Right before I moved to Grenada a little over a year ago, I made the traumatic decision to turn off my iPhone. Imagine me kicking and screaming calmly making my way into the store and asking them to shut ‘er down. They really tried hard to keep me, especially because I lost my unlimited data that … Continued

How To Budget Your Time

  August 22

We chat a lot about budgets over here at Budget Blonde. Emergency funds, student loans, credit cards – you name it, we’ve discussed it. Yet, one thing we don’t talk about that much is budgeting time. It’s a common problem these days. People have so many commitments and no time to do the things they … Continued

The Benefit of Embracing Minimalism

  July 26

I’m a big believer that the state of our home reflects the state of our lives. Back in the day when I first got married, I felt like everything in my home was a hot mess. There was mail everywhere, books everywhere, and way too many clothes (which I hardly wore anyway since my job … Continued
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