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Why My 1 Year Olds Have a Higher Net Worth Than I Do

  May 18

It’s crazy to say, but my one year old twins have a higher net worth than I do. Because of Christmas, their birthdays, and our own contributions to their accounts, they each have investments worth over $500 each. Even if we never add to them again (which we totally will) that would be a nice … Continued

Our Only Goal for 2014

  January 21

Last year, I had all sorts of financial resolutions, but this year I only have one. Before I tell you my one and only goal for 2014, here’s a quick recap of what I wanted to do in 2013 and whether or not I accomplished the goal: 1. Significantly Reduce Our Dependence on Student Loans … Continued

Tips for Getting Your First Credit Card

  August 7

Well, it’s not as cool as getting your first car, but if you’re thinking about getting a credit card for the first time, there are a few things you might want to think about. With so many companies and products available, getting your first credit card can definitely be a challenge. But, fear not, Budget … Continued

How Credit Cards Can Improve Your Credit Score

  July 1

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! Let’s start the week off by chatting about something that’s important: raising your credit score! It sounds kind of crazy, but one of the best ways to prove you are credit worthy is actually using a credit card! Of course, you have to use it responsibly. 😉 Your first step when … Continued
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