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Something Old, Something New

  December 21

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I couldn’t wait. I had to give the hubs one of his Christmas gifts early…..

It’s a Public Health service button from World War I. You know I love vintage items (especially when they involve heavy haggling on ebay!)…. and it fits perfectly with hubby’s career path.
He thought it was really cool and even had the great idea to turn it into a pin to put on his coat one day.
Gotta love a Christmas gift that’s meaningful, almost 100 years old, and one that used to belong to someone who served our country.
And yes, now I will wait patiently for him to open his other gifts. I was just really excited about that one! 🙂
Are y’all allowing anyone to get a sneak peek under the tree?

3 responses to “Something Old, Something New

  1. Great gift! I’m sure he went nuts over it =)

    My husband sucks at gift giving… i need to find some way to get through to him. every year he puts it off til the week before and then asks me to take his credit card and just buy what I want.

    I HATE it. with a passion.

    any tips on wtf to do with him?

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

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