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Saving Money When Keeping In Touch With Others

  April 1

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Phone bills can be so expensive these days. Recently, I overheard someone saying that their family phone bill was well over $300. I couldn’t believe the number that I heard, but I knew I couldn’t really judge.

Our cell phone bill is constantly hovering over the $200 mark for the three cell phones that we have in our family.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are many ways to save money when you are trying to keep in touch with those that you love.

If you are trying to travel and keep in touch…

Many people believe that if they travel outside of their home country that they won’t be able to keep in touch with their family at all. That is not true though! It is possible to keep in touch with your family and not bust your budget each month. You may not be able to use your cell phone while traveling, but there are other ways to keep in touch without spending any money.

One way to save money while traveling is to use VOIP calling or using the Rebtel 3.0 app. This way you can use the internet to make phone calls instead of trying to call someone over an expensive telephone network.

Reevaluate your cell phone plan.

If you are currently paying a large amount of money in each for your cell phone bill, then you may want to reevaluate your cell phone plan. If you don’t want to change your cell phone plan and leave your current cell phone company, then you may want to see if you can qualify for a discount or lower any of the services that you currently have. Maybe you could try lowering or completely eliminating your text messaging plan or your internet plan.

Also, there are many cheaper companies out there if you want to change your cell phone company completely. I am surprised by how many cell phone companies that are popping up everywhere that are less than $30 a month.

Do you really need that home phone?

Many people still have a home phone even if they never use it. Home phones aren’t cheap either – you may be paying $20 to $30 a month and yet you never even touch it. Try to get rid of it if you can, and maybe you can completely switch to using cell phones. Or, maybe you could completely get rid of your cell phone and only use your home phone. Each person is different.

3 responses to “Saving Money When Keeping In Touch With Others

  1. It’s been five years since we got rid of our landline, mobile is very convenient to use, you can bring it anywhere unlike with the home phone. We use Viber, we chat and other social media for conversation with our family here and abroad.

  2. You would be surprised about how many things you don’t even realize are there when you don’t have them. My wife and I have been getting rid of clutter in our house and selling so many things you think you would want to keep. I can’t even remember half of the things we sold anymore and that was something that was just sitting around. I agree that one of those things… home phone. No point in paying for something that is consistently unused.

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