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Richmond Stay-cation: Strolling Through a Cemetery

  April 26

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You’ll probably think we’re weird for “stay-cationing” at a cemetery, but Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond has got to be one of the most beautiful and scenic ones around. It bears its name because there are many famous people buried there, such as two U.S. presidents (Monroe and Tyler) as well as Jefferson Davis, a slew of famous Confederate generals, and of course, countless confederate soldiers. The grounds are amazing, overlooking the James River in Richmond. Hubby has never been there before, although I have gone many times for different history classes. Here are a few pictures from our walk. We wore ourselves out!
You know I was obsessed with the gatekeeper’s gorgeous Victorian home.
Some of the tombstones were really unique:
The view overlooking the James River. Julep had a blast.
President James Monroe’s tomb

Love the contrast between downtown Richmond and the old tombstones:

A monument to the Confederate dead. The pamphlet said the crane wouldn’t reach to the top at the time so a local penitentiary inmate volunteered to climb it and put the point on. When he completed his task, they rewarded him by giving him his freedom. Sounds like a good legend to me!
Overall, we’re really enjoying being tourists in our own city and love that it isn’t breaking the bank. Stay tuned, there’s more to come!
Oh, and how was your weekend? Anyone else have some really pretty cemeteries in your hometown? Come on, it’s not weird. You know you want to tell me about it.

4 responses to “Richmond Stay-cation: Strolling Through a Cemetery

  1. beautiful photos! I guess the closest famous cemetery near me is Arlington cemetery and it is amazing! and huge! There is a pretty old/historic one near my house too but I haven’t been there since girl scouts when we had to do tombstone rubbings for a badge…now that I think of it that is kind of a weird!

  2. Virginia has some really cool cemeteries. I’ve been to a few there!

    girl I am so stressed with all this househunting! ack! I dont wanna do it!

  3. Funny story about cemeteries: my grandparents are geneologists, and so they spend half their vacation time visiting old tombs and graves. One Christmas, my parents gave them a book called “Famous Graveyards of America.” They were absolutely thrilled and immediately started gushing. And this just happened to be the first Christmas that my aunt’s boyfriend was celebrating with us; he looked absolutely TERRIFIED.

    We all found it absolutely hilarious. And they ended up getting married a year later anyway. =)

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