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A Mom’s Pamper Day in 4 Frugal Ways

  March 18

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Do you deserve a pamper day? Whether you're a new mom, or deep in the trenches of motherhood, it's easy to set aside pampering yourself, especially when you're on a budget! Try these 4 frugal ways for moms to have a pamper day.I am overdue for a pamper day. I was just telling my hubs how I feel like I’ve been working 7 days a week nonstop since our twins were born a year ago. Every now and then I get motivated to do my nails or get my hair highlighted, but it’s rare that I actually sit down and force myself to have a pamper day.

Now I don’t know about you but ever since I had kids, I’ve pretty much looked like a walking zombie. I mean, sometimes my yoga pants are cute and sometimes my hair is cute, but most of the time I wear my husband’s t-shirts so his clothes get spit up on them instead of mine. What can I say; I’m generous like that.

Recently a friend’s mom suggested that I go out and get a massage while she watched the babies, which was super sweet except massages aren’t exactly in the budget when you are a freelancer and have twins. That got me thinking about what an affordable pamper day might look like though and how I should plan one for myself. Here’s what I came up with.

4 Pamper Day Tips

1. Get Rid of Loud Noises

Do you ever feel like your house is just loud? I really judge my day by how loud it was. Sometimes my kids play really well together and are super sweet, nap at all the right times and sometimes they just yell… a lot, and honestly it’s hard to tell why since they’re babies. So, I would have to say a real, true pamper day would involve quiet.

My first step for the best pamper day ever would be to ask my husband to watch the twins while I just went and sat in my room with the door shut and some nice white noise in my ear phones. You don’t realize how much all the noise affects you until you get a few precious moments of that beautiful silence! Also, the “Do Not Disturb” function on your iPhone is key to enjoying this silence too. Try not to listening in on your husband or mom or babysitter or whoever is giving you these moments of silence by watching your kids. Sure they might put their pajamas on backwards but hey, no one ever died from having backwards pajamas so just keep on keeping on.

2. Score Free Beauty Samples

I get most of my make-up from the local drugstore and because of that it truly feels like a pamper day when I buy something from Sephora. Even if it’s small, like a new lip balm or a small roller of perfume, it just feels nice to be able to get a new beauty item. Plus, what I like about Sephora is that you can get free samples when you order anything online, even if it’s something small. Bring on the free lotions and fancy creams, people. I don’t care what it is but if it comes in a small, adorable package and it smells good and it’s free, I want it for my pamper day!

3. Watch Your Favorite Movie

Pampering doesn’t always have to be about massages and saunas. Sometimes, it’s just downright luxurious to sit and watch a movie the entire way through when you’re a mom. As a bonus, you can even get up and use the bathroom without your kids trying to dive headfirst into the bathtub to retrieve their rubber ducks. That’s because you earned this pamper day, my friend. Let your husband watch the kids. Keep your headphones in if you must, and go ahead and turn on Gone With the Wind or Pretty Woman. It’s okay if you’ve seen it 1,000 times. This time you get to watch it in the peace and comfort of your own bed without Cheerio crumbs being put in your hair.

4. Get Warm and Cozy

When I’m planning a pamper day, I always try to get out my heating pad, a bottle of red wine, and all my favorite blankets. Even if it’s summer outside, it’s just nice to be cozy. Just imagine how nice it would be to have your whole bed to yourself, with wine next to you, with your earphones in plus your favorite chick flick all while someone else is watching your kids. Oh! And you have free beauty samples to try too. It seems so simple, so easy, and it’s all frugal and reachable if only we as moms would ask for the time off and then allow ourselves to enjoy it!

I don’t know about you but I’m planning my pamper day as soon as possible. After all, my kids will be 1 in a few days. Don’t you think it would be a good idea to celebrate making it through that first year?! Ahhh yeah me too. Pamper day, here I come.


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Whether you're a new mom, or deep in the trenches of motherhood, it's easy to set aside pampering yourself, especially when you're on a budget! Try these 4 frugal ways for moms to pamper themselves!

21 responses to “A Mom’s Pamper Day in 4 Frugal Ways

  1. Cath, that is really good that you have a pamper day after busy schedule or every now and then. Have you watched Gone Girl, American Sniper, and Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? The last movie I advise you watch it is really good. The cast is great as well.

  2. These are all really good ideas! I’ve been super stressed work-wise lately, and since we cancelled cable a few weeks ago, just having silence in the house is amazing in itself. No more constant background noise is so peaceful. This may be weird, but I always wanted to ask a Registered Massage Therapist if people just ask to rent out their quiet little rooms with the nice music on just to sleep haha, the rooms are so relaxing that it could be a hail storm outside and I would have no idea

  3. You can actually get a ton of free samples just going to a Sephora store. If you find a nice rep and say that you are looking to overhaul your beauty regime, you will stock up and you aren’t even committed to buying anything. 🙂 For me, a quiet house and a book is probably the best pampering experience I could give myself. 🙂

  4. First birthdays are definitely more about celebrating the fact that YOU have survived that first year – especially with twins – than to celebrate the babies being a year old. Revel in it. And take care of yourself!!

  5. You definitely deserve a pamper day! And of course, if you really, really need a massage, there are always Groupons out there that give 50% off or more. For that really special occasion 🙂

  6. A good face mask always feels pampering. I believe St. Ives actually makes some decent-yet-affordable ones.

    Another option is the faux-Biore mask. One tablespoon of gelatin powder, two of milk, nuke for 10 seconds, spread it on face. It pulls up some gross stuff but also leaves your skin pretty smooth. Some sort of face mask and deep conditioning my hair (complete with plastic bag wrapped around my head) can make me feel like I’m in a (really cheap) spa.

  7. Cat, you have been an inspiration. I hope that I can rock motherhood, married life, and business the way that you have.

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