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Our Caribbean Apartment

  June 4

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Well, it’s official! The Hubs put down a sizable deposit on our second home together, a very cute (and very tiny) apartment in Grenada. I’m really excited because it’s a 5 minute walk to a gorgeous beach. It’s going to be rough down there – Can you tell that already? 😉


Rent prices are pretty high in Grenada. We found this cute little apartment for $800 a month. We think it’s around 300 square feet. Yikes. It’s a good thing we like each other, right? It was between this place and another rental that was sort of like a hotel. The Hubs says that this one felt more like “home” and you know I’m all about that.


I’m excited to share some pictures with you when I download them over the weekend. Until then, I have this very cute floorplan that The Hubs drew {click to see it larger}.


It should be interesting to turn this tiny apartment into a home, but we are so excited about it!
Have a lovely weekend!



8 responses to “Our Caribbean Apartment

  1. Eep! So cute! We’re currently looking for a Seattle apartment… high rents, less beach :(.

  2. AH! I’m so excited to see pictures. =) We live in 550 square feet and it’s cozy, but livable. The only problem we have is storage space! Too little storage space, too much stuff.

  3. Yay for you! I wish I could live 5 mins from the beach

  4. It may be small, but it’s nice that the bedroom is still a separate room. That always makes me feel like there’s a little more space even when I know it’s still tiny!

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