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On Trying & Succeeding

  March 13

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After a really busy and beyond stressful midterm week for hubs, we can finally come up for air and take a breath…

We can relax, after being reminded once more that we are meant to be here in Grenada…
We can take comfort that our marriage survived 8 weeks of pure hell, with hubby coming home exhausted between 10 & 11 each night after studying all day…

We now have to do it all over again for the second half of the semester, but we are more ready.

…but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a running countdown of our days left until summer break…
😉 Have a great day, everyone!
Anyone else have a running countdown? What for?

2 responses to “On Trying & Succeeding

  1. Being a student is so tough. There’s so much pressure, and for most people it’s truly a means to an end. And in fact, even if you truly love the learning part of it, it’s still so overwhelming and so challenging that it’s easy to forget that you are enjoying yourself.

    I have a countdown to my spring break vacation. We’re going to Jamaica!!

  2. Yay! Congratulations! How much longer until your hubby’s done with school? It seems like you guys have been in Grenada!

    Our running countdown is for ETS/MOVING DAY! We’re so excited for Josh to be done with his enlistment and to move back to our home state. 🙂

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