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Oh Cheap-O Tree, How Beautiful Are Thee

  December 18

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We have been thoroughly enjoying our tree so far this Christmas. It’s our first tree as our own little 2 person + puppy family and we had so much fun decorating it together. We scored what thought was a decent deal on our tree by buying it for $30.00 from our grocery store and an even better deal on our angel topper for $2.00 at a garage sale. Sorry her head got a little chopped off in the photo below. She was probably trying to fly away…. We scoped out Target, Walgreens, and other discount stores to collect silver ornaments. And, we added our own little collection of ornaments for a personal touch. Hubs and I really love to purchase ornaments when we travel or get to major milestones, so we had fun taking those out of the shoe box they were living in and adding them on our first tree! Here are the results:
Don’t forget about that heavy red cast iron tree stand we bought off of Craigslist a few weeks back!
 I used some of my techniques for scoring big on Ebay and bargained with the seller of this nativity scene. I talked him down from $40 to $22 by opting for a set that did not come with the original box. What?! Since when does a box cost $18?! Remember, it doesn’t hurt to send a sweet message and ask for a lower price! Fingers crossed Julep doesn’t walk away with baby Jesus when we’re not looking…

This skinny Santa is made from okra to remind us of our Louisiana heritage.

A Mind the Gap ornament to remind us of our backpacking-through-Europe days in college.
Duh, doesn’t everyone’s tree have Thomas Jefferson on it?!
And, my gift to the hubs this year…and a little sneak peek into all that “big changes are a’coming in 2011” talk I’ve been doing…

Does your tree have some sweet and sentimental ornaments in it or any special flair? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

6 responses to “Oh Cheap-O Tree, How Beautiful Are Thee

  1. Hey! In response to your question a few days ago about photographing your tree – I shoot all in manual on my dSLR, but if you don’t have an SLR, just turn the flash of your camera off and use a tripod (or put the camera on a book, table or counter) to hold the camera steady. Also – if you have a way to slow the shutter speed down, that helps too. Good luck!

  2. I have a Miss Piggy ornament that Daddy and I bought our first Christmas
    as a married couple. It has been on every Christmas tree for the last 29 years. Remember the tree we bought in our little rental house after Katrina?
    We had a picture of Thomas Jefferson as a tree topper!

    Love MOM

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