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Numero Uno

  January 6

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Thanks so much to all of you for the sweet comments on all of the wedding week posts. All in all, we really enjoyed our 1 year anniversary. We were home in Louisiana so we took a drive to the French Quarter and treated ourselves to a great lunch of soft shelled crabs topped with crawfish tails…. yum-o.

Later in the day, we also drove by the historic Old Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge where we had our wedding reception. It was decorated for Christmas just like it was on our wedding day, so we had fun taking a picture in the same spot. 

And here is the matching photo from our wedding day (as demonstrated with a much better and clearer picture taken by our photographer!)

Notice the hubs is in short sleeves on January 2 in that first picture. The deep south was good to us. 

As far as those first year paper gifts go, I was so proud of hubby. He was really thinking like a good budget boyfriend. He gave me beautiful simple stationary and an embosser with my initials on it. He told me he figured it would be less expensive in the long run to emboss my own paper rather than to continue ordering personalized embossed stationary. I love it. He’s a smart one.

As for hubby’s gift, I ordered custom fabric with our wedding date on it. Our wedding date ended up being one of those rare days where the numbers are the same forwards and backwards 01022010. We didn’t plan it this way, but thought it was pretty cool when we realized it. The hubs is pretty geeky and mathy so the fabric was perfect for him. Then, because he’s obsessed with bow ties, his mom helped me to sew one. Here he is sporting it at our anniversary dinner.
All in all, we had a great time at home, a long two day drive back, and I counted my lucky stars that I could actually fit in my uniform at work with all that delicious Louisiana cuisine in my system.

Can’t wait to hear how everyone’s holiday went. Please comment with a favorite gift you received, whether it be sweet and sentimental or something completely gorgeous that you weren’t even expecting!

{P.S. Please bear with me over the next few days, as we’re packing hubby up for his big school adventure. He’s leaving in three days (which I’m totally in denial over) so our to do list is about 3 miles long!}

7 responses to “Numero Uno

  1. Well, I feel kind of like I’m bragging by saying it, but my favorite presents were a shiny little ring and a fiancé!

    And I just noticed in your post that I got them on what was your first anniversary. Weird coincidence!

  2. Ashly – What a sweetie! He sounds like a keeper!

    Kay – I HEARD!!! AHHH!! CONGRATS!!!

  3. Bullet the ferret was a pretty sweet gift… though I paid for the bugger and paul simply picked him out at the store, fell in love, and phoned me to get my butt and my wallet to the petstore (haha I had recieved juuust enough bday money to afford the expensive little marmot!)

    I cherish my engagement ring too… but I think my absolute fav is when I get a handwritten note or letter… those make me MELT! esp. since my hubs isn’t really mushy or sentimental at all

    good luck with the packing and i’ll be here when things die down =) so we can budget our butts off! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. Denial is a protective mechanism. It helps you get through all the motions without falling apart. Remember when you were going off to boarding school?? We both were happy and excited during the preparations then cried all day before leaving!! The time apart will fly by! Love, MOM

  5. Ah yes- my first task this year is to organize. all. of. my. craft. stuff.

    sorry for the obnoxious typing there, I”m just trying to emphasize what a huge difference this will make. Cardboard boxes full of stuff in the living room? Even if it’s in an organizing shelf? No, not anymore…

  6. My favourite Christmas gift was probably a fashion calendar that my gorgeous boyfriend gifted me – each day reveals a nifty fashion fact. So sweet and because it’s unlucky (I didn’t know!) to open a calendar before 1st Jan, it was like getting a gift all over again when I could finally open it and check out some of the dates!

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