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5 Ways My Life is Changing Drastically This Spring

  March 25

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life changing this springSpring is a time of renewal, of refreshing, of reawakening. Theย days get warmer, brighter, longer.

After a cold winter, I’m definitely welcoming all these little bits of spring, but I’m also bracing for some major life changes.

Here are 5 big pieces of news from our family to yours:

The Hubs Matched Into a Residency Program!

I’m so happy to announce that the hubs matched into a residency program. After five long years of studying, he got a job!

He’s going to start a 4 year residency on July 1, and we are so very proud of him. He literally only has 3 weeks of medical school left, and then he’ll be Dr. Hubs. ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of you might remember me writing in a few posts that not all graduating physicians actually get a residency spot, so we’re very happy he got a spot and now has a job!

I’m Not the Only Income Earner Anymore!

Starting July 1, the Hubs will get a salary! I can’t even tell you how relieved I feel. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.

For years I’ve been carrying the torch with a variable income and it’s been so stressful. While I am lucky to be able to work from home, it hasn’t been the easiest when I know that most of our living expenses fall on my shoulders. Resident physicians make about theย same salary across the board at around $50,000-$55,000 per year, so while it’s not the full six figure physician’s salary of the future, it sure is a big help now.

We are Moving to Michigan

Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention the Hub’s new job is in Michigan, right outside of Detroit. So, the past week or two, we’ve been in full time planning mode. We’re trying to find a place to live and think of schools for the kids for a few years down the road.

So far we’ve talked to several realtors and have booked moving pods. We should have both sets of parents coming up at different times in the next few weeks to help with the packing up,ย cleaning (use this cleaning supplies listย if you are moving, it’s super useful ), etc to make sure we get as much of our deposit back as possible as well. *deep breath*

The Beans Turned Two

In the middle of all this, our beautiful little twinsies turned 2 years old. ย We honestly blinked and boom, they were 2. I have to tell you, they are getting easier every single day.

I can now walk places with them without the stroller just holding each hand. They are sort of listening, bringing their plates to me when they’re done eating, and more. I feel like we are finally communicating more and that there are less tears (from me and them.)

I’ll brace for all the comments about how 3 is worse or 4, 5, 6, is worse or teenagers are worse but for now I’m enjoying this little moment in time where things are definitely better than they used to be.

I More than Doubled My Income

Spring is also the lovely season of tax time. After spending what seemed like forever finalizing my 2015 profit and loss statements from last year, I just found out today thatย I more than doubled my income in 2015 from the year before.

So, business has been really good and exciting lately (but that also meant I had a pretty big tax bill!) But, this spring, I’m going to take the initiative to create an LLC for my business now that I know the state I’m going to be living in for the next four years. I’m hoping to take that next step to make my business that much more professional, and I’m looking forward to being able to have my own office in Michigan with my video studio in it. It’ll be the first time I’ll have my own office in my 6 years of blogging so I can’t wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, those are the 5 big changes I have coming up this spring. Per usual, it should be crazy and hectic, but we’re looking forward to starting the next adventure and getting settled in our new home.

What do you have going on this spring? Any fun or big changes?

45 responses to “5 Ways My Life is Changing Drastically This Spring

  1. I am SOOO excited for you to be near me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I cannot wait to hear more about your business success. I hope there will be some blog posts about this in the future! I smell a good Pinterest post coming on!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’ve got family in Detroit! Let me know if you want some recommendations on great places to live/play/etc and I’ll ask them. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t believe the twins are two! And it definitely gets easier and harder at each stage….I say that like I’ve been a mom for 40 years instead of 4….so take that with a grain of salt. Lol

    1. We are really enjoying this new stage as the twins are finally starting to listen better, at least part of the time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Recommendations would be great!

    1. Yes! Life can change so quickly. It’s hard to know what will happen in the next two years, but I can’t wait to look back and see. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congrats, Cat! I know you’re breathing easier now that you’ve been able to make these plans:)

  4. Woah! That’s a lot of exciting changes! I would be so excited about the move, I crave stability and it has to feel good to know where you’ll be for the next few years.

    We have a three and a half year old and it’s AMAZING the difference between him and our one and a half year old. He can dress himself, play independently for a while and is generally way easier to take care of. (As long as you love answering 30,000 questions in an hour).

    I can’t wait to see where this year takes you!

  5. Exciting!! Things are going well here. I’m anxiously waiting to see if I have been accepted into the Business Leaders Fellowship I applied for a few months ago. I made it through the first two intervies. Moving every three to four months is not as ideal with a new guide dog as it would be withh a dog I have had for longer, but we will manage. I also have a job application in with GM, which would put me closer to extended family that I have in Michigan. Other plans I have will happen once I know what job I get and where.

  6. I never feel like things get better or worse in this parenting journey. There are definitely new good and bad things at every age. Right now they are really picking up on their reading. It’s exciting…I have all these books I can’t wait for them to read!! They are getting more helpful and self sufficient which is a great (and a little sad…motherhood is such a roller coaster). Congrats on all your new adventures!

    1. Yes – it does seem that there are both good and bad things at every age. We still have a long way to go, but we are enjoying it more as the twins get older.

  7. Congratulations Cat!
    I bet it is a weight lifted off your shoulders but at least moving forward things will be easier. I can’t wait to see pictures of your new office. Good things really do come to those who wait. Happy second birthday to the twins. Our son will be 2 in September and we look forward to him chilling out a bit. He’s throwing the tantrums now which becomes a wow moment for both the wife and I. On a good note he’s been walking since he was 8 months old and we haven’t used the stroller since the first year. The problem is trying to catch him when we are in public. He hasn’t quite mastered holding hands yet. Have a Happy Easter Cat~Mo

    1. We have to watch the twins close when we are Central Park because they love to run around and they don’t always realize how far away they’ve gotten when they are exploring.

  8. Well not only will your income be better, but it will go so much further in Michigan!!! What a huge COL difference. Where in Detroit are you thinking of living? I can give you my thoughts if you like. When are you moving? I’ll be there in May so will you be there then? How exciting!

    1. Yes, we are really looking forward to having our money go further in Michigan. We should chat for sure. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  9. These are a lot of changes – all good ones. I’m sure you will handle just fine. Doubling your income and having a second income in the house should make things a lot easier for you financially. Congratulations!

  10. Wooh! That’s a good news. Congrats to your husband! I know how excited you all are about him of being a doctor! Cheers!

  11. YAY!!! Cat this is all such awesome news!!!!! I’ve never been to Michigan but I hear it’s gorgeous!! One of my best friend’s husband is from there ๐Ÿ™‚ And what a HUGE relief to not be the only income earner!!! That’s amazing news!

    Also, my girls are a little older than your twins (Cami will be 4 in May and Maisie is 2 1/2) and I can say three is NOT worse than two! It gets better and easier with each age ๐Ÿ™‚ at least, it has for us! (And yup, age 2 in itself is a turning point! John always says Maisie was impossible until she turned 2 hahaha)

    Super happy to get to follow along your journey. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m so glad to hear that we are (hopefully) headed for easier times with the twins. ๐Ÿ™‚ We can wait to check out Michigan too. We’ve visited a few times, but it will be a change to live there I’m sure.

  12. Well moving are always stressful but it is a raward for your good job, I am sure you will like Michigan and I hope you will have great time there!!!

  13. Congrats to you and your family! Glad that he matched but sorry hear you’re leaving the Northeast. Although part of me wants to leave this high cost of living area as well. Time really flies…can’t believe your kids turned 2. I’m amazed they bring you their plates when they’re done eating!! I can barely get my son who is 2 1/2 to sit still and eat on his own.

  14. Congrats on all the exciting changes Cat! Doubling your income must seem like such a nice reward after all your hard work and I’m so happy to hear your husband got matched into a residency program!!

  15. Congratulations on so many good new things! Well, the income doubling was obviously over time but what a lovely discovery! March Match Day was doubly exciting this year as two of my “baby” cousins matched as well. What a wonderful payoff after a long four years.

    The twins at two sound like a lot of fun, I’m sure moving will seem like a grand adventure to them. Here’s hoping they don’t help you pack like my little helps me pack, though (ze pulls out all the clothes, climbs into the suitcase and refuses to get out!)

  16. Congrats and your husband’s residency, your business success, and your kids turning two! That is a lot of change and excitement. I agree that the little ones get easier in many ways around age 2. It’s so nice when they can communicate what they want instead of just crying, and it continues to be fun as their personalities emerge more and more.

  17. Cat, I am just so happy for you! Everything seems fall into the right place. Enjoy Michigan! Good luck!

  18. I’m a little late to the party on this news, but congratulations still! You guys have BOTH been working really hard for years making these amazing things happen. Congratulations and good luck to you on the big move + new city!

  19. So many exciting changes coming your way. Congrats on doubling your income! I did the same too from the year before. It was so great to see. I owed too, but it meant I made good money!

  20. Cat,

    How exciting! I had no idea you had twins! Mine turned three in Jan and I swear they turned into monkeys ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to hearing more about your success ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Wow – that is a LOT happening! Congrats on all the good news though, that’s terrific (though I’m a little sad you’ll be leaving the NY/NJ area -not that I’m ever actually home)!

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