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Merry Chocolate, Julep

  December 17

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Julep has been a very bad girl this year. She has interesting taste. One minute she will steal $8.00 Gouda cheese off the counter and eat it in its entirety, while in the other she has unwrapped a tampon and treated herself to an afternoon snack.

Keeping with the Christmas season, my little southern belle took it upon herself to investigate some gifts under the tree that were not hers. Can’t she read the label?

Perhaps hubs should not have wrapped my favorite chocolate bars (numerous times and then again in wrapping paper) and placed it under the tree. She thoroughly enjoyed ripping it apart and frolicking about with the aluminum foil, as if it were the squirrel outside she’s been pining after for months.

She ate them all, including the wrappers in about 30 seconds when were were in the other room….
and then at exactly 6:11 AM she threw it all up.

Merry Christmas, you bad, bad girl.

6 responses to “Merry Chocolate, Julep

  1. Awwwww Julep! Silly pup! This sounds a lot like my house. On any given day I can spot the cat on the couch eating cookies with Paul while Roxy the ferret chomps on a piece of gum just so she can play with the wrapper… and Bullet… well he’s just special.

    and because I can’t help myself…

    Julep! what’s that? you pooped in the refrigerator? and you ate the whole wheel of gouda? I’m not even mad, I’m impressed!


    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. That’s pretty hilarious for us, but I imagine not so funny for you to deal with!

    Growing up, we could always tell which presents were edible, because they lived on the table rather than under the tree to keep them away from the dog. =)

  3. I feel that Julep and my pup, Maggie, would be great friends because they have very similar tastes. This year I remembered to put up anything edible on the table, but last year was not a pretty picture when I came home from work.

  4. At least she threw them up and you didn’t have to pay for a vet visit or have her tummy filled with charcoal!

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