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The Grandparents Came To Visit & A Writing Wrap Up

  August 21

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Last week, my in laws came to visit from Louisiana and were such a huge help. I went a whole week without washing bottles or doing the dishes, and I so appreciated the extra sets of hands around here. The last time they saw their grandkids was when we surprised them by flying to Louisiana on Memorial Day weekend (and my mother in law was so shocked she sobbed and sobbed!)

Needless to say, they love their grandbabies and now that both kiddos are walking and jabbering along, they are a lot more fun to play with than the early days when we had to give them 6 bottles a day and be up at all hours of the night. Even my mother in law commented on how much easier things are than they were in the beginning and boy is that the truth.

Perhaps the best part of the whole trip is that I took a completely impromptu nap one afternoon. I can’t ever nap anymore, but I was so exhausted and writing in my room and all of a sudden zzzzzz. I can’t remember the last time I took a break like that.

Needless to say we love having visitors here and I know the Beans loved snuggling with their grandparents.

Here are some pictures of each one of the kiddos with their grandad and their grandmother (“Milly”).

Milly and Beanette Grandad and BeanCute, right? Beanette had to wear those pink sparkle shoes that day. No other shoes would do. That’s my girl. 🙂

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Have a great weekend, everyone!


11 responses to “The Grandparents Came To Visit & A Writing Wrap Up

  1. This mad me smile 🙂 I love my Grandma. These babies are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents.

  2. Such a sweet time to have your grandparents around! There is no greater gift than a presence of a loved one.

  3. That must have been amazing for you. Letting your child spend some time with their grandparents can be very helpful to them. I’m certain that your kids did bond with their grandparents in a way that they now realize that they have other members of the family apart from the immediate nuclear.

  4. Grandparents are really a help when kids are small. As a mother you need support and assistance as and when needed. And the best part is kids get special attention from their grand parents. Are you in need of same day cash loans? Cash advance has been helping almost all the income groups to meet their immediate expenses.

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