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A Good Place to Meet a Husband: Facebook

  October 24

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Way back on this post, I shared a few little known facts about this Budget Blonde, including that I met my husband on Facebook. I promised that I would explain how that came to be someday and since the hubs and I have been together for five years today, I figured why not spill the beans? We have a new anniversary to celebrate now on January 2, but it’s always fun to look back at this anniversary that we celebrated for so many years leading up to the nuptials.

The story of how we came together is a bit epic. As many of you know, I am from Louisiana. But, I probably haven’t mentioned that I was born and raised 20 minutes north of New Orleans, and my home – the house I grew up in – suffered immense devastation due to Hurricane Katrina. I was actually set to attend Tulane University in New Orleans in the fall, a place three generations of my family attended before me. Like thousands of other college freshmen across the country, my parents packed me into their car and brought me to my dorm. That day will always stay with me, but not for reasons you might expect. As soon as I put my bags down and made my way to the college book store, an announcement was made that the city was evacuating for Hurricane Katrina. It was an amazingly gorgeous day with clear blue skies, and it is still hard to fathom what would come a few days later. Selfishly, I was in a pretty bad mood. I mean, I was inches from freedom only to get back in my parents’ car and drive back home. The next morning, the news told us it was a Category 5 storm. And, little did I know that my life would change forever.

I will spare you all the details of packing my house up, of watching the devastation, and the fear of not knowing what was happening to our family members and our home. But, here is a picture of my back yard a few months after some major clean up.

I always struggle with memories of the storm – quite simply whether to be happy or sad since without it, I wouldn’t have met the love of my life. Because Tulane closed for the semester, I enrolled at Louisiana State University. I joined a Facebook group called “Tulane Students at LSU.” And, that’s when I got a message from this total stranger introducing himself as a senior at LSU who knew his way around. He told me he’d be glad to help me if I needed anything and gave me his phone number. What. A. Creeper. I basically wrote back with a “Who the heck are you?” type of message. Eventually we started chatting via instant messaging and text messaging and finally met in person. We were quite underwhelmed with each other upon our first encounter. I think we were trying to impress each other too much. But, eventually over time, we fell in love very quickly. Within about a week of officially dating, I knew I was going to marry him. Later he would tell me that when he looked at my facebook picture that day, he actually thought I was in a wheelchair (I was sitting in this wrought iron lawn chair with big rounded arms). I guess he was hoping to roll me around campus. At least he’s a nice guy, right?

As far as my story, I never went back to Tulane. I transferred to a college in Virginia, looking for a rigorous history program. Since hubs is three years older, he had already graduated and found a job in Richmond. The rest, as they say, is history. He changed my life forever.

10 responses to “A Good Place to Meet a Husband: Facebook

  1. Y’all are so cute. I love stories like that!

    I don’t know what to say about Katrina – it’s weird to have lived so far away from it at the time and to now be a lot closer and to know people in Atlanta who relocated. It makes everything so much more real.

  2. You forgot the part about what your Daddy said when he first
    met your husband-to-be. …..”Why should I like you?!”
    Sounds like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!!

  3. This is such an amazing story. Something that started so tragic but ended perfectly! Thank you for sharing. It gives me hope that this “storm” in my life might have a happy ending after all.

  4. MY current boyfriend and I met via Facebook. We both went to the same college and he even dated my big sister in my sorority! Yet the whole four years we never knew one another. I’d write more but I’d be leaving you the longest comment ever!

  5. aww i love this story! I actually met my husband through an old blog I had! he found it through google, emailed me, we met up, and after a feew weeks, finally started dating! three months later, we got married….yeah, we’re crazy ; )

  6. I just read this story! So cute! I remember the first week of college my freshman year is when Katrina hit & we were all sitting on this tiny love seat in our dorm room watching in horror the devastation. crazy to think that it completely changed your life, and not just for the bad.

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