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Get Engaged Without Breaking the Bank

  January 29

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Valentine’s Day is coming up very soon, and although hubs and I don’t really do huge, romantic gestures on Valentine’s Day, we did actually get engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2009 (cue the awwww) Don’t we look baby-faced? Correct that. I look exactly the same, and Hubs looks baby-faced.

valentines day proposal copyNow I know many people who read personal finance blogs are totally against spending a lot of money on Valentine’s Day or on engagements in general, but who says you have to? My ring belonged to my great grandmother and although hubs planned a really sweet day, it wasn’t like he had a helicopter pick us up or anything (a la The Bachelor.)

I certainly didn’t expect hubs to buy me a ring from Tiffanys or one that he couldn’t afford. I was perfectly fine with what he had to offer. I just wanted to marry him! So, if you’re at that point where you want to get engaged, don’t feel all the pressure of buying a 2 carat diamond and planning exactly where you need to be standing to get the perfect instagram shot. Enjoy the moment, and for goodness sake search for sales and good deals on the ring!

I want to thank for sending us some eye candy to look at for Valentine’s Day. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy looking at a little bling? Online retailers are often less expensive than traditional jewelers, and as long as they are reputable, you can certainly find a beautiful ring at a discount. Many retailers will be offering sales around this time of year (JamesAllen, for example, is having a 15% off Valentine’s Day sale.)

So, ladies, now’s the time to leave your boyfriend some subtle, or not so subtle, hints about which engagement rings are your favorites. I won’t mind if you link to this post as a wink wink, nudge nudge…

Here are some I thought were pretty:


This ring has a pretty, simple style that fits well with today’s trends for jewelry. I like how it has several smaller diamonds set within the band of the ring.


If you’re into round diamonds instead of a square/princess cut, this halo style diamond ring is stunning. I love the unique band as well!

3--picThis is called a tension set engagement ring. Isn’t it unique?

5--picMixing metals has become a huge trend lately and is a great way to make sure that no matter if you receive yellow or white gold jewelry in the future, it will also go great with your engagement ring.

7-picThis last ring has kind of an old-school feel, which I obviously like since I wear an antique ring. It’s a good way to get that vintage look while still having a brand new ring.

So, if you’re a couch potato and know you’re supposed to be proposing sometime soon, go on and do a little research. I’m sure you can find something in your price range that your other half will love.

If you do choose to buy online, please do your research, purchase from a website with great reviews and a money back guarantee.

When did you get engaged? Or, when were you hoping to? (Come on, we won’t tell.)

6 responses to “Get Engaged Without Breaking the Bank

  1. Rings! I love looking at antique/estate rings–it’s a weakness of mine. Fortunately I don’t buy them, but, if a vintage sapphire ring ever showed up at my door, I wouldn’t turn it away :). I have my grandmother’s engagement ring too and I adore it. I prefer vintage anyway, and I love that it was both free and sentimental. Mr. FW bought his wedding band online for about $40–good to remember that guys can get rings online too! You’re so right that they’re usually vastly cheaper online than in a store.

  2. My rings were Mr PoP’s great grandmothers and I absolutely love them. Vintage jewelry is the best. =)

  3. Cheesy jewelry salesmen… When going to shop for an engagement ring (yes, mine was new, from a brick and mortar store), the salesperson tried to convince Mr. Maroon that he should buy it right on the spot. And get this, propose in the store! He politely declined, mind you all of this is also in front of me, saying that he’d like to make it a surprise. The man had the nerve to say that proposing right then and there WOULD be such a surprise. Alas, Mr. Maroon proposed in his own unique fashion by taking me to the farm. Our only witnesses were our cows… Very glamorous!

  4. I love vintage rings and think it is so sweet that you wear your great grandmother’s. My dear husband proposed in the most unromantic way (hey, do you want to get married?) but we were so young (he was 21 and I was 19) that it didn’t really matter. Obviously I said yes anyway! He let me pick out my ring at the local store, where I found an antique-inspired set. Almost 10 years later I still love it!

  5. My husband bought my engagement ring all on his own. I love the ring, not only because he chose it, but also because he saved up and paid for it. Apparently at the store they weren’t too pleased that he wasn’t willing to take out a line of credit to buy a more expensive ring! I laughed when he told me that. He proposed on Christmas Eve and I was completely caught off guard! I cried like a baby 🙂 My wedding band is my grandmother’s and I love the special significance of it. It’s tiny but beautiful. My grandpa’s little eyes filled with tears when I showed it to him. I’ll never forget that.

  6. Your ring will have a much better story behind it for your children to tell when one of them gets it than a ring bought at The Diamond Center at some anonymous mall. Congrats!

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