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Fiverr Fabulousness

  October 1

This post may contain affiliate links.

Remember when I posted about making a little extra moolah using programs like Fiverr and Swagbucks? I got a lot of great responses and other suggestions from you lovely readers, so a high five goes out to y’all for sharing your thoughts on these little money making ventures.

I wanted to report on my Fiverr account. I had great success with it. Too much success. I closed the shop down after two weeks! Let me tell you how I grew it so fast in case anyone is interested in a similar venture.

First, let me explain what this website is for those of you who haven’t heard of it or who are new followers (thanks for joining by the way!). Fiverr is a website where you offer your services to others for five buckaroos. You can offer to do a backflip, yell something off of a top floor building, create videos for people, or do someone’s math homework. There truly are an unlimited amount of gigs both silly and serious that you can find on there. I created a ton of different types of gigs for myself from offering to send someone a post card from Richmond to saying I would write articles for people. My little secret for this completely taking off was that I read the right hand side of the website every day where it says “Suggest Gigs.”

In that section, people write what they are looking for. On the first day, someone was looking for a writer to create a bio for their website. So, I just simply e-mailed them and offered my services. After I completed the first gig and received a positive review, the orders literally just came pouring in. I expanded my turn around time from 3 days to 5 days because I had so many. But, eventually two weeks in, I had about 12 orders in the hopper and lots of school work to do. So, I spent a few focused hours finishing all of the orders and officially put my gigs on “hold.”

In a little over 2 weeks I made $104.00. Not to shabby, eh? Still, I decided for me that all of my time needs to be spent doing my school work since its crunch time in the world of my master’s thesis. While I think this is a great website, my only qualm is that it takes 14 days for your money to clear into PayPal (and they charge a fee to transfer into PayPal). So, the folks over at Fiverr are likely investing and quickly turning around profits while you wait for your reward. However, for someone who wants to work a little extra for a few months to pay for a new computer, new vacuum cleaner, or a short vacation, I thought it was a great way to do a little bit of work for a lot of reward!

Anyone else have experience with Fiverr or any other similar website? I always find that it’s helpful to review these for folks to let them decide for themselves whether or not it’s a good idea! 🙂

{P.S. I did not get paid or perked in any way by Fiverr for this review. In fact, I’m waiting on some payments from them! ;)}

4 responses to “Fiverr Fabulousness

  1. I saw your original post and have actually used the site since then. It got me out of a bind with some simple Excel code that I needed (I’m more of a communications person than an Excel wizz). Honestly it was the best $5 I spent that day.

    Thank you for introducing me to the site!

  2. Never heard of it, but you can bet I am heading over, hey you never know what I can offer:) Thanks for the info. Debbie

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