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Thanks For Making My Dreams Come True

  November 28

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Dear Blog Peeps,

I have to drop you a note today on Thanksgiving to thank you for making my dreams come true.

About three and a half years ago, I started this blog for fun. Today, it’s a fully functioning business with enough revenue to support my family.

My business would be impossible without you. My dream of staying home with the two kids in my belly would be impossible without you.

This blog continues to run and support my family because people like you visit it every day. I really appreciate every single comment, and I truly get a lot of joy from what I do.

I also want to thank my fellow bloggers for all you to do to support me. There are many bloggers who comment regularly and who I love talking to. You are all so amazing, and I love getting to be a part of your lives through reading your blogs!

There are a few bloggers in particular who I have to thank for helping me get to the point where I am today.

A huge, massive thanks to David, Lance, John, Jacob, Carrie, and Tushar for hiring me as one of your staff writers. Every single one of you has an incredible work ethic, and I’m lucky to count you among my friends.

I would also like to thank Harry, Holly, Grayson, Michelle, Laurie, Andrew, Daniel, and Kathleen for offering a lot of support behind the scenes to keep my blog running. I know I would not be able to quit my day job in just two weeks if it wasn’t for you. Plus, you all put up with me when I fell off the face of the planet during my first trimester and are still talking to me. I owe all of you a few beers when we finally meet in person. 🙂

As any blogger will tell you, there is so much that goes into running a successful site. There are a lot of responsibilities and things to juggle, and what most people see is the shiny product in post form (as opposed to all the technicalities behind it!) We’re lucky to have a vibrant community here in the personal finance space, filled with incredibly generous, kind people like the ones I mentioned above. I also have awesome readers, like you, who are kind enough to check in on my progress, cheer me on, and share my site with others.

So thank you, thank you, thank you once again to my readers, my blogging buddies, and my hubs for being here for me, for being a part of my life, and for allowing me to successfully own and run my first business. It’s been an amazing journey, and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Lots of love,


14 responses to “Thanks For Making My Dreams Come True

  1. Cat, thank YOU for being such an awesome inspiration and support in your own right. SO very happy for you that the blog will allow you to be working from home and doting on your babes. Happy, happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

  2. You’re welcome sweetheart! Can’t wait to see you in person! I’ll be in New Orleans in February. How close are you?

  3. Thank you Cat for being an awesome contributor to my site! I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into the posts and how you’re always on time 🙂 Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Well, as others have said Cat – Thank YOU for all that you do and your incredible work ethic and effort that you always put in. I’m thankful to have you be a part of my site and glad to see business go so well for you. Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. You’re so sweet–but really the thanks and credit goes to you, for making this a site full of amazing content and value for readers who can all benefit! It’s a pleasure to see you succeed at something you enjoy and are so good at.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Congrats Cat on your fabulous blog success and for those two life-changing bundles of joy inside you!!

  7. Congrats!!! You are an inspiration to all of us new bloggers 🙂 Seems like you really have it figured out.

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