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  February 16

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Here’s a few ways that I’m saving a little moolah this year. These are some things you probably already do yourself, and I’d love some feedback on other ways to cut corners.

I like to use a little term I picked up from one of my bloggy friends called “de-trolling.” Here’s a definition for ya……De-trolling: Making oneself look presentable. De-trolling includes but is not limited to shaving legs, plucking eyebrows, painting nails, etc.

So, you ladies and gents can probably relate that de-trolling costs can seriously add up. Lately, I’ve been doing all of these things myself. I used to get my eyebrows threaded (which feels healthier and more organic than waxing) and of course, who doesn’t like to get their nails done? But, I know all you crafty ladies out there can do your own nails and probably do just as good of a job as the professionals. 🙂

Warning: Failure to de-troll could cause side effects such as this:

“But, Cat,” you may ask, “I love getting my nails done! It is so therapeutic!  It’s my escape! Must. Not. Let. Go.” Well, consider that for the cost of your $15.00 manicure you can buy some swanky bubble bath, a bottle of wine, and a paperback and enjoy a nice long bath. Plus your bubble bath product will likely last a month or so, unlike the manicure which seems to always chip the next day.

So, think about your daily spending habits. Where else can you cut costs? Try buying clothes and everyday items like undergarments at places like Tar-jay rather than spending a fortune on the same thing at Victoria’s Secret. Next time you go decide to purchase a service, ask yourself if you can do it at home. I still struggle with these things, especially on the food end. When I am super exhausted from work and know I am facing a long evening of reading for school, it’s so easy for me to pop to Wendy’s and eat rather than make dinner. But, I keep trying!

What sorts of things do you do for yourself? Are you all swanky and skilled at cutting your own hair or doing your own spray tan? Spill it.

6 responses to “De-Trolling

  1. Um… such a great point! I have never in my life gotten my nails done for funsies…the only day I actually shelled out the dough for my nails and toes was for my wedding. And I’ll probably never do it again B/C those cash monies are too precious to toss away on something so temporary! <3

    I DIY almost everything. Even cut my hair =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. I do the rare manicure only because I can’t achieve anything close to what they can when I do it myself. BUT, I buy the nail polish (or, better, bring my own so I can use a formaldehyde-free brand), and then use it to touch up the polish… that way it can last for two weeks instead of two hours. 🙂

    Unlike Jenn, I haven’t cut my own hair since high school (and that was to achieve something rather more punk rock than I’d go for these days). 🙂

    BUT, at this very moment, I am staring down a bottle of L’Oreal Preference, rather than hitting the salon. It was on sale at Walgreen’s for $6.99, and I had a $2 coupon and a $5 register reward, so in the end, it was free. Sure beats $100+ at the salon! Of course, I may look like an orange troll tomorrow…


  3. I fake tan myself using “ProTan” and it’s AMAZING. It’s also super cheap and really dark, so a little goes a long way.

    I NEVER get my nails done, but recently, someone told me about gellish(?) nails, which apparently don’t chip for three weeks and AREN’T acrylic. I’ve actually been thinking about checking them out, because that’s a pretty good deal and an expense I would be willing to pay once a month. However, for now…my nails are ugly and uneven and slightly embarrassing…(not that I care, for the most part, lol).

    I guess my biggest expense saver is ebay and patience. I never buy full retail for anything, and though I’m not a coupon cutter like you (again…patience can be a virtue, one that I’m lacking in this department), I will literally go without something I actually need until I can get it for a great deal.

    I also cook for myself, take public transit to and from school, replaced all my bulbs with the twirly ones, and keep my house temperature steady. My biggest splurges are when I begin to obsess about something I really really want….and even then, I generally ebay stalk it.

  4. I am so hair challenged, but I can paint my own nails like a pro! 🙂

    and OMG! I will for sure let you know if I’m in Richmond.. we’d definitely have to get together! yaaaay!

  5. My one big self-pampering splurge used to be getting a wax every month. I’ve never gotten a pedicure, I pluck my own eyebrows, I don’t color my hair and I’m allergic to fancy shaving products so I never use them anyway… but I had to cut out my monthly wax when I moved, and I MISS it.

  6. I used to get my nails done every week and I have saved so much money by doing them myself. I have also been saving a ton of money lately by making my own coffee at home in the morning. Both my boyfriend andbi have been brewing at home and it makes a huge difference.

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