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A Day in the Life

  February 21

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Ahh, I’m off today. It’s so nice. I thought it would be fun to do a little sneak peek of my schedule lately. You know, a little behind the scenes tour of Budget Blonde. I work Tues-Saturday so I always have Sunday and Monday off which works pretty well for me.

Regular Day:
6:30 – Alarm goes off
7:00 – Finally have enough licks from Julep and am dragging myself out of bed.
7:30 – Ready and downstairs, tea pot started brewing, leash in hand for Julep’s morning walk. (Yes, I get ready really fast because I wear a uniform every day. No standing in front of the closet wondering what to wear!)
7:45-8:00 – Grab tea that was brewing, put lunch together or grab lunch that was put together the night before. Fill up huge water bottle for work. Give Julep her delectable frozen peanut butter bone treat so she doesn’t destroy the house while I am gone. Grab a banana, yogurt, or cup of cereal to eat in the car. Classy, I know.
8:00-8:45 – Really long commute to work. Listen to radio/think about blog posts/try to not yell at drivers/sweet talk my car into working for a few more months.
8:45-Lunch – Work hard, at lunch play on my iPhone and read all my favorite blogs and catch up with everyone on Twitter
Lunch-5:00 – Work some more
5:15ish-6:00ish– Really long commute home. Call my mom/dad/inlaws/etc. to catch up on the drive home
6:00 – Take Julep out. She really has to pee by now. Tell her what a good girl she is for not destroying the house (if that is the case). Get mail while on walk, immediately sort and pay bills when I walk in the door so I don’t forget.
By 7:00 – Dinner is going or being heated up from the night before. I allow myself to eat it while watching a show on HGTV. This makes me happy. I look forward to my HGTV in the evenings. On commercials I run upstairs and load laundry and switch it and fold it.
8:00-10:00 – Work on school work. Read books or write papers that I have to. Try to squeeze in time talking to hubby on Gchat, Skype, etc. Count the days until graduate school is over.
10:00-11:30 – Blog if I have a post for that day. I usually try to post 4-5 times a week. I read all my other blogs and try to comment on as many as possible. I drool over many design pictures. I eventually drag myself away to take a shower and get ready for bed. I let Julep out in the back yard one last time.
11:30 – until. Text hubby goodnight. Open Nook. Read a book for pleasure until I somehow fall asleep in the middle of it…..It’s very important to me to read for pleasure. It’s my way of relaxing myself into sleep and getting ready for the next day. 🙂

On weekends, I go to the grocery, clean, do lots more school work, fill up my car with gas for the week, hit up thrift shops, do projects, and try to treat Julep to a dog park trip.

I’d love to know some behind the scenes at your house. When do you have time for you? If you have a blog, when do you write? What’s the best way to keep in touch with family and friends that works for you? If you have kids, let me bow at your feet. How the heck do you do it?! Spill it.

Oh and this will be my schedule until mid-May at which point I will graduate and my student work contract with the Park Service ends. At that point, lots more changes will happen around there. There will possibly be a move involved, all of which I will share with you if and when it happens. 🙂

11 responses to “A Day in the Life

  1. blah, don’t you hate the long commute? 🙁 mine used to be even longer than that until I moved this past December. phew!

  2. Sounds like you have a really long day everyday. I also love to fall alseep while reading, I usually wake up to find a book somewhere in the bed with me. : )

  3. I’m wildly impressed by your ability to do all that on 6 1/2 hours of sleep a night. I can barely function on less than 8 hours!

  4. @Belle Epoquista – Trust me there are days there the whole system goes out the window but I can’t wait to read yours!!

  5. oh call me stalky mcstalkerson but i love this post. I also love that you’re quite structured, that you pay your bills as soon as you get them and that it’s so…. organised. I’m going to do a similar post, in the hopes tyhat if I do a follow up one in two months time I’ll have learnt from the shocking pile of mistakes I know I’m bound to find. For example – waste time reading blogs from 11pm – 2am, sleep 4 hours, go to work feeling sleepy….. 🙁

    Thanks for the inspiration to manage my time a little better!

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