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A Day In The Life: Med School Wife

  February 4

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It’s Friday afternoon, and I get a text message from hubs asking if I want to watch a movie with him that night.

“A movie?!” I squeal to my friend, Holly, reading the text aloud.

She is appropriately excited for me. My face lights up. I am as happy as a 12th grader that just got asked to prom.

A movie with my husband! At night! In my apartment! 

She understands that this is a thrilling proposition. Why? Well, we both have husbands that are in medical school and our lives are, to say the least, crazy.

Wait…bold that, put it in caps, and underline it: CRAZY

Blog peeps, you’ve been with me a while. I’ve moved a bunch. I hit a huge rough patch when Hurricane Katrina devastated my hometown. But this? This medical school thing?

It’s the hardest thing we’ve ever, ever, ever done.

I say “we” even though hubs is the one who is the student because this, my friends, is 100% a team effort.

Every single day, it’s like we are going into war, trying to survive to the next day. I am armed with his lunch and dinner running them over to him in between breaks at work, and he has very heavy books and God knows what else packed like sardines in his book bag.

For the most part, we’ve gotten really efficient these past few weeks. Yet, within the war, we’ve lost a few battles. We have bad days. I have days when I’ve exhausted my supply of “You can do it!” And, we also have days when we each collapse into exhaustion but are so happy at what we have accomplished.

We are no longer thinking in years like most people do. 

We don’t think in months. We don’t chat about our future or kids or crafts or blogs. We think in days – sometimes in hours. And, we try to kick some ass in those hours.

We are a really good team, and when one falters, the other one drags them to the finish line.

I assume if we do this enough, one day I’ll look at the calendar and realize, “Hey! My husband is about to graduate, and we shall call him Dr. Hubs on the blog.” But that is 4 long years away.

I seriously burst into pride like one of those mythical phoenix birds bursts into flames every day at this man I married.

He is the hardest working person I know, and I’ve said that from the very beginning. From the instant I met him, he’s always held down several jobs. No work has ever been below him. And now, he’s doing what he always wanted. But oh. my. goodness. is it insanely hard.

Did I mention it’s hub’s birthday today?

He turned 28.

And, it took me 4 days to convince him to let me bring him a cake to school.

So I shall bring him his cake and perhaps tonight, we’ll watch the last 45 minutes of that movie we fell asleep to last night.

But, that’s about 8 hours away still – way too far in advance to plan things.

8 responses to “A Day In The Life: Med School Wife

  1. Happy Birthday to your {Future DR.} Hubs! I don’t know how they do it and somedays I don’t know how WE do it either. Definitely feel you on the not thinking in years or months. If I try to think about how we don’t know where we’re going to be living in the next two or three months I just about have a panic attack.

    Hope you have a great night together! 🙂

  2. One day (sooner than you think) you will look back and say “I don’t know how we did it”.
    One day at a time is how!! Nothing worth anything ever comes easy. Becoming a doctor
    is the hardest education there is. It is also a very rewarding life that you will never regret.

  3. Ohhhhhh sweet lady!!
    You guys are going to make it. And if you ever need someone to just bounce things off of – I am here!! It’s a hard road. It’s insane actually… and it’ll take awhile for the hubs to get into the swing of thing but I promise it will get easier. First semester is a life changer.
    Thinking of you guys!!
    Hang in there 🙂

  4. Hang in there! You can make it! What a team. When Jack was a baby, Tim worked full time in the city at a law firm and then went to law school each night. I don’t remmeber when he studied or wrote his papers. Thinking of you…

  5. I think I forgot to comment on this even though I read it when you posted it. Whoops!

    Thanks for sharing this snapshot of your lives! I can’t remember who said it, but love the quote about humans being blessed with the ability to forget (otherwise women would all only have one child!). I think about that when thinking about your crazy life while your husband is in med school. I can’t help but think that you’ll have lots of positive memories from this time once it is all done, and the less positive stuff will fade. 🙂

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