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Why I’m Completely, Totally Weird

  October 27

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Why I’m Completely, Totally WeirdLast month, my friend Kassandra wrote a post and listed a few things that were weird about her. I loved reading it and told her I’d put it on my editorial calendar to write a similar post inspired by hers. Well, peeps, that day is today.

Edit: I feel a little strange publishing this because now that it’s all written out, I really feel like the real, true weirdo that I actually am. Oh well. Here goes nothin’.

1. Every time I pick up a cup, close my door, or close my computer, I always have to touch the middle of the bottom of the cup, middle of the doorknob, and middle of the screen. It has to be just right. Many nights I sit there trying to close my computer after working but can’t quite be satisfied with hitting the exact center of the screen on my computer.

2. Every time I send an e-mail, I go to my sent folder and read it again.

3. When I can’t think of what I want to eat and nothing at all sounds appetizing, I pretty much will always perk up at the prospect of eggs-in-toast or as some people call it eggs-in-a-basket.

4. I probably owe about 100 people e-mails right now. Literally. I’m fighting a losing battle I think.

5. When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend named Timothy. I always envisioned him as being very small, like a mouse. Later when I was in college, my mom sent me a newspaper article about how kids who had imaginary friends are usually intelligent. I think that made all of us feel better about the situation.

6. I am an ultra-sensitive person in so many ways. It’s taken me over 20 years and a bit of counseling to realize that it’s a huge positive, not a huge negative. Rock on, sensitive souls. Rock on.

7. I like writing things down on paper. If I don’t bring something to write on to Starbucks when I work on the weekends, I might as well not work at all. I’ve been known to write on Starbucks napkins when nothing else is available.

8. I was bullied my freshman and sophomore years of high school. A few students tormented me mercilessly for an entire semester because I wouldn’t let them copy my homework during the first week of school. There was actually a girl who made a website entirely about why people should hate me. This was back before there were cyber bulling laws. One of them contacted me a few years ago on Facebook and apologized.

9. I rarely “lol” – It’s more of a silent, shaking sort of laugh. If you can get me to actually laugh out loud, then you are hysterical.

10. I am the worst house wife in the world. If I could change anything about myself, it would be this. I suck at cooking, cleaning, and in general being on top of household type duties. Betty Crocker I am not. It is my secret dream to welcome hubs home with a pristine house and an apple pie. Instead, he has to somehow figure out how to make dinner when there’s only a block of cheese and some eggs in the fridge.

11. I definitely love One Direction and the BSB and NSYNC and any other boy band and am totally unafraid to admit it. Hubs tried to win me concert tickets to One Direction on the radio just last week, and despite being 27 years old, I would have gone and screamed like a 12 year old.

12. Some people have a shoe buying problem. I have a domain name buying problem. I own about 50 of them right now. If I had all the money in the world, I’d develop a killer website out of one of them in particular. As it stands now, that one will have to wait until I have a bit more time on my hands.

Okay I think that’s enough weirdness for one day. Tell me something weird about you so I don’t feel awkward all day. πŸ˜‰

56 responses to “Why I’m Completely, Totally Weird

  1. I think everyone is weird in their own sort of way. And, while #1 might be a bit OCD, I think that if we all dug deep we could probably find something OCD about ourselves as well. Oh, and I had an imaginary friend when I was younger, too. We had our own made-up language, and I can still speak it to this day! Own your weirdness πŸ™‚

  2. So fun to read these and I am laughing at #2 because I do this too. All. The. Time! Thanks for sharing these, for coming out with your weirdness right along with me and I appreciate you just the way you are!

  3. Don’t feel awkward! We all have our weird idiosyncrasies! A weird thing about me is that I’m almost constantly in motion. It’s really tough for me to sit still. Drives Mr. FW crazy when we’re cuddling on the couch, but I can’t help it! My legs especially just like to move. Fortunately, I have a standing desk at work, so I’m able to burn off a lot of excess movement while working. My co-workers think I’m a little crazy bopping around at my standing desk, but, hey, it makes me more productive :)! And, it must be genetic because my sister is the exact same way (drives her husband crazy too!).

  4. Oh I love your weirdness Cat!!! πŸ™‚ before a big talk (interview, deep discussion with the hubs, etc) I have to talk to myself in the mirror like I’m talking to that person. Yep, I’m a total “talk to myself” type of person and I’ve been caught way too many times to count. πŸ˜‰

  5. I love number 2 – hah! That is really weird πŸ™‚ Something weird about me is that I’m double jointed in my arms. They completely extend outward, which makes it look like they’re bent backwards or broken. It grosses people out frequently.

  6. Cat, “back in the day”, every senior girl at my HS had to take a Betty Crocker test…I flunked!! I’d rather be outside,preferably reading a good book. And No 9 sounds like a challenge!!

  7. I love this list Cat, but hate number 8. Bullying is something I worry about all the time for Will, as a parent, it’s the worst thing in the world because you have no control over the situation and you don’t want to see your child hurt. I can’t believe you own that many domain names. I was looking for one a while ago, I wonder if you already own it. πŸ™‚

  8. I definitely go back and re-read emails! Ha made me laugh. I’m also really intense about checking that all the doors in the house are locked at night

  9. I leap down my hallway every single day. I can’t help it. I’ve yet to kick a child or a pug. (knock on wood)

  10. Love this! So fun! Nice to learn more about you.

    Wow that’s crazy about the bully. Glad one of them apologized though. When I was in high school, I had a lot of people beg to copy my work as well. Eventually I caved in. I would write down my answers, and then wait until the person turned in their test and I would change all of my answers to the correct answer. HAHA it taught people to stop immediately!

  11. I think that you’re perfectly normal. The bullying thing really pisses me off! I was never bullied or a bully so I can’t imagine this kind of situation. I hate bananas. They are gross, smell bad, and I don’t know why people like them. I do like plantains though.

  12. Ha the first one reminded me of the TV show Monk. You should watch it (if you get time!) it’s about a genius detective who is extremely OCD about things being straight and touching the centers of things like you do. Thanks for sharing!

  13. #2 all day every day. Ugh. I’m also a bit OCD about my things and am pretty sensitive. I’ve gotten better at not taking EVERYTHING personally, but it’s a work in progress. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  14. Great list. I count things, like telephone poles, while I drive for no apparent reason. When I walk down a sidewalk I have to take an even number of steps on each slab. It’s annoying.

  15. A little OCD goes a long way to making one productive!

    Your childhood was fairly normal. Timothy was a family member and he survived us sitting on him! The bullying was painful but you rose above your tormentors with successes in the social and political arenas in high school.

    It’s interesting to look back on high school. Would you rather “peak” in high school and forever wish you were back there? Or would you rather have the life you are leading now?

    Your “weirdness” is what we love about you! Love MOM

  16. Loved this!! Great to get to know you a little better!

    I am also the world’s worst housewife and I’m super sensitive. My husband works long days while I stay home with the kids and comes home and makes dinner, haha (luckily, he likes to cook!). I’m decent about staying on top of the dishes and laundry – but deep cleaning? Nope.

    Hope you’re having a great night!! Thanks for sharing this!

  17. I took shorthand in school but never had a job where I needed it. I still use it to write notes to myself that I don’t want anyone else to read. Sometimes when I’m watching a tv show or a movie, I am doing shorthand in my head of what they’re saying or I use my finger on my leg to shorthand it out. I don’t know why I still do that after all these years. It’s like I’m on shorthand autopilot. Love your weird stuff, Cat! I can relate to the OCD-ish ones for sure. I guess I’ll save my really weird ones for a future post. πŸ˜›

  18. I have to touch the outside of a plane when I’m boarding, only because a long time ago some guy told me to do that so I make a “connection” to the plane and now will never be able to not do it because it’s such a deep superstition. I also will resort to eggs and toast if I can’t think of anything else to make. I was bullied in junior high but thankfully pretty much left alone in high school. Thankfully this was all before the internet. I think it would be so hard to be a teenager now.

  19. I can totally relate to several of those, so of course they seem perfectly normal to me! Something weird about me is that I like asking strangers for recommendations on fun things to do in whatever city I’m visiting. You hear some interesting stuff that way. Oh! And my husband and I paid off our mortgage, which is considered weird by some.

  20. Aww I love this.

    Speaking of laughs, my mom, my sister and I all have the same life. I think it’s a bunch for my in-laws when we all cackle at the same time. πŸ™‚

  21. #8 makes me deeply sad. Even if you’ve moved passed it, things like that are hard to forget. My senior year of high school, when seniors all submitted “wills and predictions” a girl predicted I would continue to have the worst sense of fashion the world had ever seen. It was a silly and childish comment, but it really hurt, and I haven’t forgotten it.

    But we’re definitely all weird in our own ways! I’m a huge fan of license plates! I love looking at them. I learn license plate numbers as easily as most people learn names.

    1. Actually I was in charge of wills and predictions since I was class prez the year after you and it was the first year that the negative ones were never “leaked”. Everyone was mad at me but after the bullying experience I decided I would never make the mean ones publicly available. (That still meant I had to read the ones about myself though – someone made a mean comment about my nose. Sigh!)

  22. This is awesome Cat, I think you inspired a similar one for me. πŸ™‚ As others have said, sad to here about #8. I never got it, but just shows us those who are truly unhappy with life. At any rate, I just had to laugh at #1 as I have my own OCD tendencies that drive Nicole nuts.

  23. Well #2 and #6 sound exactly like me. I’m sorry to hear about #8 my high school years were plagued with some interesting drama too nothing that extensive though. On another note I think I would love to do a post like this!

  24. That’s so messed up about #8! I remember in middle school a friend literally taking home another girl’s homework just to about that situation. People are harsh and awful. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

    I can cook decently when I make the time, but other than that I’m no homemaker either. Yet I still stress myself out over it. More stressing than actually fixing it, but, hey.

  25. hahaha…I can totally relate to the Betty Crocker issue. When I was younger my dad told me I better get a good education and job cause I would be a horrible housewife πŸ™‚

  26. I think this is weird only because I don’t ever see/hear other people talk about it.

    But I still get overwhelmed, amazed and speechless about my kids. I think it the reverse of the whole take stuff for granted. Now I’m not saying it happens all day everyday. but it does happen often. Where I look at my son 6 and daughter 1 and am just overwhelmed with gratitude by the whole reality of it. I have babies!?…. Look how big he is. She’s walking. How? I gave birth to them. They are healthy, they are alive. it’s like an out of body experience.

    but I love it. it makes me tear up with joy.

  27. Love this, Cat! #5 made me LOL, and I can totally identify with #6 and #7. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. You are encouraging me to be brave enough to admit my own weirdness. πŸ™‚

  28. I don’t read emails after I send them, but I re-read them at least 3 or 4 times before actually sending (just to proofread). Whenever I can’t think of what to eat, eggs are usually my go-to, sometimes in the form of an omelette. 7, 9, and 10 are all me, too. I was bullied all throughout school, and it was really rough to deal with. I never understood why people were so hateful. I’m sensitive as well, and I was just glad when I was able to graduate and get away from all of it. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that!

  29. The “LOL” thing is totally me!! I don’t know why but no sound comes out when I legitimately laugh. I have rarely made a noise, and you are right, those are the times when something was uber hilarious!

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