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3 Sawwweet Businesses You Can Start From Home

  June 18

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dog walking businessPlease note: This post was created in collaboration with DigitalMediaCircle.

One of the best (and most stressful, exciting, scary, & amazing) things I’ve done for myself is start a small business from the comfort of my own home. It was so much work and so many hours, but when I finally became a full time blogger, it was very, very worth it.

I’m a huge supporter of other people learning about businesses you can start from home and side hustling your way to success. Here are some examples:

1) Dog Walking

Dog walking is the perfect summer activity, and if you have your own dogs, then taking other people’s with you is hardly a chore. It’s not necessarily a big earner, but it’s ideal for those who only want to work  a little bit extra. If you love pets, like being outside and enjoy exercise, then it seems like the perfect way to earn a few extra bucks this summer. Also, here’s a helpful hint: target new moms. People like me who just had babies cannot easily get outside to walk their dogs. It’s really difficult, especially in the beginning when we want to be around our new babies all the time!

2) Become a Trader/ Investor

If you like finance and doing a bit of research, you should consider investing and trading. A risky endeavor, trading definitely isn’t for the faint hearted and before you set up an ecn account you should make sure you’re fully aware of the risks involved in the process. You should also make sure you have a little bit of know how and don’t just buy what others recommend!

3) Freelancing

Everyone has something they’re good at; it’s what makes us all unique and sets us apart from the rest. No matter whether you’re good at writing, painting, drawing, or coaching sports, you should embrace your hobby so it can earn you a little bit extra on the side. Any form of expertise can be potentially lucrative, and it entirely depends on how you market yourself and how much time you want to commit. Once you’ve made a decision about what type of freelancing business you’d like to consider, set yourself up a Facebook page and a website (anything built with a WordPress theme will do) and get cracking!

What’s your side hustle? Do you want to take it and turn it into a full time job or just let it serve as some extra income?

Working From Home: 3 Sweet Businesses You Can Start Working From Home

13 responses to “3 Sawwweet Businesses You Can Start From Home

  1. I’m curious where the Trader/Investor came experience came from and what motivated you to try this for online income?

    1. Hey! Great question. That was just a suggestion for others. I’m not to the point yet where I’m comfortable enough doing it myself!

  2. Doing your own thing is so liberating! Why I didn’t do this before!? I’ll never know. Like you I’m doing my own business at home. I do encourage people to do it! Just do it. Great tips Catherine.

  3. I think pet sitting and freelancing are great ways to make money from home! I think in some ways you can save money by working from home, too. You are such an inspiration, Cat! Great work. I am starting to consider making my side hustles full-time. 🙂

  4. Freelancing is such a great home business to start. There really are SO many things you can do and usually it’s something you love, so it doesn’t feel like work. I have been amazed at how much freelance writing I have be able to fit into my schedule and the extra cash is always a nice thing.

  5. I love this! Making money from provides much more flexibility when it comes to dealing with family and personal things. I hope to get into freelance writing and social media strategy eventually!

  6. Freelancing can be so fun. The biggest struggle I see with it is setting business hours for yourself so you still have some work/life balance.

  7. I think pet sitting is a good one – especially in the summer when people are going away on holiday! Of course, freelancing gives you lots of options too 🙂

  8. The last time I tried the investment route, I lost $3,000 in a matter of weeks. The fact that I was investing in high risk options had nothing to do with my losses (lol). Investment is not for the faint of heart or for those who can’t accept that they might loss lots of money fast. And sometimes, it is better to take a small gain following the crowd, than a large loss being out there on your own.

  9. My freelance writing “side hustle” is now my full-time job, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I wish I had time to do more, but I’m happy with where I’m at for now.

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