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Budget Buddy Fridays: Stay @ Home Mom Edition

  September 30

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Happy Friday, everyone! I hope everyone has had a fab-ulous week! Mine has super busy but productive! Because of that, I have some fun things to share about my apartment and my life here in Grenada next week!

Today my Budget Buddy is special because we’re actually doing a blog swap! So, after reading this post you can hop on over to the lovely Jessica’s The Spit Up Chronicles and read my post about living in the Caribbean!

I love Jessica’s blog because she keeps it real which is so hard to find! Not only has she given me realistic expectations of what motherhood is like, but her love for her family is clearly evident throughout her writing. I asked her to write about being a Stay At Home Mom today because it’s a topic I am really interested in. Consider me collecting data to help me make the decision for myself someday. Anyway I just know you’re going to love her!

So without further ado, Jessica:

Hey, Budget Blonde readers!

I’m Jessica and I blog about motherhood and all that goes along with being a Stay at Home Mom at The Spit Up Chronicles.

Cat’s blog was one of the first I ever followed, and I have always loved her Budget Buddy Fridays.

I decided to be a Stay at Home Mom when I was pregnant with my oldest. The only problem was wondering if we could afford it.

I decided to start my own in home daycare and began watching kids.

Starting my own daycare was the perfect way to earn an income, keep my kids at home, and finish my degree. I am an Elementary Education major and am lucky that my university really works with me so I can graduate and do credits on my time.

I ran my daycare for over a year. When the time came to finally move on from that, we were losing an income. And while my husband’s income can sustain us bills-wise, it meant that we were going to have to cut back on our entertainment expenses.

I decided to start clipping coupons. Not anything crazy like TLC’s Extreme Couponers, but enough that we could begin a reasonable stockpile.

I have been couponing now for two months and am slowly building my stockpile. It hasn’t been easy, and I rely HEAVILY on the Krazy Coupon Lady’s website since I’m still learning. But, being able to see my kids grow and learn every day is SO worth it. I hope to teach my kids how to coupon and one day they can do the same for their families.

I am so honored that Cat had me here today. She is so great! You can find out more about my family and me on my blog, check me out on Twitter, or through my Facebook page. I hope to see ya’ll around.



Thanks so much, Jessica! These are all great ideas, and I’m so glad you’re able to stay home with your kiddos while still learning to be frugal!

Alright, bloggy buddies, don’t forget about our swap! If you want to learn more about my decision to move to the Caribbean, you can read more about it today on Jessica’s blog.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

4 responses to “Budget Buddy Fridays: Stay @ Home Mom Edition

  1. Thank you for having me here today! I loved blog swapping with you, and making a new friend! xoxo Have a great weekend!

  2. When I get back to the States, aka “real life”, I really need to start using coupons! I just don’t have the patience and haven’t really had the motivation to until now!

  3. lol okay, i’m happy you’d heard of INFJ. i was worried everyone would just think i was a nut. my writing group teacher told me that a lot of writers are INFJs! so, there you go! i wonder if she also meant that most INFJ’s will major in something that’s interesting and creative, but completely unable to get them a job. 😀

    i totally get that! certain people in small groups i can really talk to no problem, but a big group — not really my thing. and after i’ve been social for like a day i need to be alone! haha. i can’t remember if B is an INFP or INTJ and he won’t take the test again for me. i THINK he’s an INTJ because he’s much more rational than i am. lol.

  4. Great ideas!
    Canada doesn’t have as many coupon-ing options and that stinks… I wish I could use them more often because that would save me so much moola. I’m going to have to start looking into this – maybe there is more that I don’t know about!

    Great post!

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