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Back in America & Adjusting

  October 29

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Our Most Recent Ultrasound!
Our Most Recent Ultrasound Pic!

Hi! I have rejoined the land of the living. Wahoo! And wow, it’s weird to be back, and moving from Grenada was a lot of work.

Perhaps the most “exciting” thing about our international move was that our dog, Julep, decided to eat a bar of almost pure dark chocolate the day before we left Grenada. Thank God for my friend Natalie who was at my house when it happened and was able to bring us to the vet for an emergency appointment since the hubs was in the middle of taking a quiz at school.

Julep has eaten chocolate before, but it was of the milk chocolate variety. Apparently dark chocolate is the toxic one, and the bars they make in Grenada are pure and organic, and yeah, so that happened. She got all fixed up at the vet, and it seemed like she was going to be okay, but the morning of our flight, her face was hugely swollen like a chipmunk and she was drooling drops of blood and green stuff.

The hubs and I had no idea what to do. It was 5:00 in the morning and we were supposed to get on a plane with Julep to bring her home to the States for good, but she was not in a good state. After a lot of talking and thinking, we decided to bring her with us on the flight. She rides in the cabin with us, so we could keep an eye on her, and she was so sick that she didn’t bother anyone. She slept the entire time, and I kept a really close eye on her, wiping her mouth constantly and making sure she didn’t infect anything else. We were so worried about her, but we called our vet in Louisiana from the Miami airport during our layover and let him know she was coming. A few days later, she is very much improved. She’s still at about 80% what she normally is but getting better every day. We’re not sure if it was related but she was basically diagnosed with a bad mouth infection. The vet said he’d never seen anything quite like it and wasn’t sure it was related to the chocolate.

Needless to say, traveling with 8 huge bags + pregnant me + sick dog from Grenada all the way to Louisiana wasn’t exactly our idea of a good time, but I’m back in the States safely, Julep is okay, and the hubs is already back in Grenada without me ready to knock out his last 6 weeks of school.

In more chipper news, we had a great doctor’s appointment on Friday, and they gave us a guess about the sex of the babies!! They said they will confirm in 3 weeks, so I’ll share the news then, but it’s really fun to at least have an idea of what they are.

Other than that, you can picture me trying not to drive on the left side of the road, getting serious anxiety in the grocery store due to all the choices, and marveling at the women’s hospital and complimenting everyone on how nice and clean and fabulous everything is. It’s amazing to be in America, and the greatest gift Grenada gave me is a true appreciation of everything we have here. I’ll write more about it all soon, as the culture shock is still wearing off.

I just wanted to give you an update, and I’m looking forward to getting back to a more regular schedule!

33 responses to “Back in America & Adjusting

  1. Glad to hear you made it and that Julep is okay! We miss you!

  2. Awesome picture! Glad to hear you and the dog are okay. That sounds like a really scary situation but you guys handled it well. Nothing like a little drama to get you back into the fast-faced US lifestyle!

  3. That is so scary about your dog! My bigger dog will eat anything, but surprisingly she has never ate a bar of chocolate (but she has ate a whole CAKE). Glad you are back safely as well 🙂

  4. Awww I panicked for a second when I heard about poor Julep 🙁 Glad to hear you, the twins, and Julep made it back safe and sound. No place like home eh? 🙂

    1. Haha it’s always an adventure. The hubs said all he ever wanted the past two years was to get Julep and me home safely, and she threw us for a loop in the final hours!

  5. Glad you made it home safe and sound and Julep is on the mend. So exciting to see a little snapshot of the twins. I imagine it is a huge adjustment coming back home after being in Grenada for so long! Welcome back. 🙂

  6. I’m so glad everything turned out okay and that you’re back safely! That’s so scary, poor Julep. I hope she continues to recover quickly. Awesome ultrasound picture of the little ones, too.

  7. That sounds like a stressful flight/move home, but glad everything worked out. When was the last time you were back in the States? I can definitely understand the culture shock…you don’t really appreciate all the great things we have here until you don’t have access to it.

  8. Yikes, Julep really decided to make things interesting, didn’t she! Glad to hear you’re all safe and sound back in the States. I had a friend who spent a lot of time in remote areas… honestly, her head was spinning when she got home – it was a big adjustment.

  9. Awe you poor puppy! That sounds so stressful. Glad you are enjoying being back in the states loving the conveniences. It’s really easy to forget how good we have it.

  10. Aww, poor Julep! I’m glad to hear she’s getting better, but that must’ve been awful for all of you. Look forward to hearing more about the boys… girls… or whatever is inside of you! 😛

  11. Ah, culture shock. That sucks about your dog! Glad to hear things are improving on that front. Spouse has been sick really lately and I’ve been thinking how awesome it is that he can communicate what’s wrong… pets and babies must suck!

  12. Wow sounds like you had a rough time coming back! Glad your dog is ok and that you are receiving care for the baby.

  13. I’m glad you and the fur baby are back safe! And that you’re real babies are doing well, too. I’m looking forward to your post on America with a fresh eye.

  14. So glad you are home! Sorry to hear about Julep but glad he’s okay. When you tweeted/facebooked that pic of all your luggage I actually was thinking of your dog! Those flights can’t be easy for them and I’m glad he made it through okay. Well, glad for you and your husband and the twins too, of course 😉

  15. Hey, look at the 2 little ones there. I really love seeing such pics, have quite a collection from my daughter already 🙂

    Happy to hear Julep is slowly getting better. Uff, you really had a pretty hectic come back.

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