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Heading Out on My Babymoon!

  January 1

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babymoonHappy New Years, everyone!! I am in San Antonio, Texas for my babymoon. The wonderful Michelle will be managing my blog for the next few days, so if you see her popping around here or on my social media accounts, that’s why. 😀

I mentioned that I had saved up and planned for this vacation a little while back. It’s not going to be anything super fancy. Just a lot of relaxing, walking up and down the Riverwalk, and of course, trying out some cheap eats at some of the different San Antonio food trucks.

Since it’s a babymoon, we’re going to finally sit down together and work on our registry and really focus on these little beans and take a few moments to process what’s about to change in our family. The hubs and I have both been really busy the past few weeks, and he’s gearing up to take a massive board exam at the end of February.

So, in many ways, this could be one of our last times to really connect and spend time as just us before the arrival of the twins. We’re really looking forward to just getting away from the hustle and bustle of it all. We’ll be hunting for a double stroller and a bunch of other things at the outlet mall so this trip will be equal parts shopping and relaxing. So glad I saved up for this vacation ahead of time, haha!

I’m sure we could have bought some package holiday deals for this trip or really researched some better tours and packages to save a little bit of money. To be honest, though, this trip kind of snuck up on us, and it’s actually really nice that our biggest plan is to just veg, watch some movies, walk around a bit, and shop. I did book a prenatal massage, though, because that was important, obviously. 😀

I hope all of you have a really wonderful New Years and that you stay safe and happy! Looking forward to catching up with everyone when I get back!



13 responses to “Heading Out on My Babymoon!

  1. Have a great time on your babymoon! I’ve never heard of the idea but I think I’ll surprise Mrs. DB40 with one when we finally decide to have kids.

    I hear you on a vacation sneaking up on you. That happened to us last fall. Sometimes I think it makes for a better vacation. Less planning leads to more off the cuff fun. Cheers.

  2. On the double stroller front…in the first 6 mos babies will sleep a lot so one of those monster things is good or could see if they make the metal frame strollers that hold the car seats in a doubles format. Don’t spend a huge amount! They are so heavy and cumbersome to get around. Save the money for the longer term model that is as low profile and sleek as possible. Stores in the mall are not made to handle the monstrous ones!!

  3. Such fun! I wish it hadn’t been raining when we passed through San Antonio – only got to peer out the car windows through the drizzle. Have a blast!

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