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An Amazing Way to Capture Life’s Sweetest Memories

  May 30

This post may contain affiliate links.

capture lifes memoriesThis post and giveaway is brought to you by my friends at Shutterfly.

Over the past month, I’ve been on an amazing, once in a lifetime adventure with my family.

My husband, two year old twins, and I have been traveling throughout Europe, visiting some absolutely beautiful places. I can’t wait to tell you more about it now that I’m on my way home back to the States!

I really am happy to be returning home and to a sense of normalcy but I’m also sad knowing my little family will likely never get to spend a month together traveling ever again.

Soon, the hubs will start residency and won’t get such a big summer break, and the kids will grow up and move on as the years go by.

Knowing this past month has been such a unique moment in time for us,  I’ve been trying to savor every single moment of it — even when my 2 year olds flailed about and threw tantrums in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities (because you know they totally did!)

Still, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the photos from this trip. A month is a looooong time and plus, we visited 4 different countries so that’s a lot to organize!

So, I was excited to learn about one of Shutterfly’s newest products, FavePix, which basically lets you create a cute 6×6 photobook in about 3 minutes using your Instagram pics. I post on Instagram every single day, so I had a bunch of pictures from our trip to print for this little book — so exciting!

So, here’s how it works:




Step 1: Capture Your Photos on Instagram

Step 2: Download the FavePix App to your iPhone (Only available on iPhone right now.) It’s free!! Holla!

Step 3: When you’re ready, open up the FavePix app, log into Instagram through the app, select 18-50 photos to include in your book.

Step 4: Customize the book by changing out the cover photo or changing your background color.

Step 5: Check out right there on your phone, and then wait for it to be shipped! FavePix books include a really nice bamboo stand and up to 50 photos printed in the book for $19.99 plus free shipping.

Of course, the best news ever is that:


Yep, one of you lucky readers can get a cute photobook shipped to you totally for free. All you need to do is comment on this post and tell me the best place you’ve ever traveled to, and you’ll be automatically entered to win.

The giveaway closes today, Memorial Day, at 5pm EST. I’ll randomly select from the comments and the winner will be e-mailed at 5pm EST with a giveaway code that they must use by May 31!

Here are a few snapshots from my own FavePix book:

fave pix 1 fave pix 3

And here’s what it’ll look like when it arrives complete with the bamboo stand so you can display it:

fave pix 5

So again, if you want to try FavePix and win a free photobook, simply leave a comment by 5pm EST on Memorial Day – today! 🙂

If you want to check it out for yourself, simply download the free app!

Thanks and Happy Memorial Day everyone!

20 responses to “An Amazing Way to Capture Life’s Sweetest Memories

  1. What an awesome experience to share with the twins. I love shutterfly!

    1. I love Shutterfly too. It’s been a great way for me to organize my photos and create some great products for my family to enjoy.

  2. My favorite city so far has been Prague. Love love love Prague! But to take kiddos I think I’d like to take them to England to see their great aunts and uncles.

  3. Wow! I’m so glad I saw this giveaway! I post to Instagram regularly and I would love to have a book of those pictures. Thanks!!

  4. So glad you are having an amazing trip! Loving all your pictures. You are an amazing momma of twins!

  5. My favorite trip was up north to our cabin in Pinetop, AZ. Being able to disconnect and just be with family was amazing!!

  6. Yay! I have used FavePix and it’s indeed a great way to capture memories,plus it’s easy to use. Cath, I hope you post more photos on your adventure in Europe.

  7. I love photo books and have ordered all kinds of stuff from Shutterfly! I love making photo books of our travels especially.

  8. I don’t need the book (we’re terrible at taking pictures), but I love the idea of the service! And I’ve loved all the pics you’ve been posting on Facebook!

  9. This is a cool idea of capturing memories, and I can’t wait to have this photobooks!

  10. Wow, really great way to capture and present some awesome memories! Very cheap too! We love it!

  11. Oh my! I’d like to capture memories using this. And, I am so excited to document our celebration of 4th of July! Thanks for the cool idea, Catherine.

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