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3rd Year In Review

  January 2

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Happy New Year! It’s my anniversary! And boy do we know how to have a good time. Envision the hubs and me high fiving each other on this epic 7 hour layover in the Miami airport that we’re currently on. We’re making the best of it, though. I already had some brie with my breakfast, and I’m counting the hours until it’s socially acceptable for me to have a glass of wine. Wish you could be here to party like rockstars with us. 😉

Every year around our anniversary, I publish a wrap up of our year. That’s the convenient thing about having a wedding anniversary on January 2. You can easily assess each year and set your marriage goals right along with your New Year’s resolutions. Here’s the wrap up from our 1st year of marriage and also the one from our 2nd year.

As far as this past year, check out the highs and lows below:

  • We lived together all 12 months! This is an accomplishment for us. We did the long distance thing the past few years due to our respective grad school situations, so this is the first time we’ve made it the whole way without tons of commuting and flying to see each other. This little fact has made me the happiest this year.
  • Little Julep turned 3. We love her more than words can say.
  • The hubs finished his first year of medical school.
  • I got a really great job that I love.
  • We paid off all our credit cards!!
  • We started and built up a nice emergency fund.
  • We paid off one student loan.
  • We went on…drumroll…3 dates! It’s really hard to fit these in with the hubs’ study schedule. I’d like to have at least one designated date night a month or at least once every two months to try to improve this!
  • The last two years running our #1 thing that we argued about was chores, which I guess is better than arguing about money or other more serious issues. We’ve really done well with this the past year, though. I’ve tried to learn not to take things so personally (i.e. I should celebrate when the hubs picks up a broom and starts sweeping and not feel guilty that I didn’t get to it before him.) I’d say that chores are still the things we nitpick about the most. However, maybe we’ll get a life next year and give it up. 😉
  • I went from writing regularly for 2 sites in 2011 to writing regularly for 5 this past year. I love my freelancing so much, and I hope to add one or two more this year. (You can always hire me for that if you’re interested. Just sayin’. ;))
  • Our hardest month: July, just before our loan disbursement came in and our budget broke.
  • Our best month: August, right when I learned I got my promotion, and we had a whole week on the island to ourselves before work and school started. (Funny how things can change in just a month!)
  • I made a ton of new blog friends. Love that.
  • I rocked the crock pot meals and finally felt organized and proficient in terms of cooking.
  • Poor Julep got really sick for the first time ever, but she recovered quickly and the vet bill was reasonable.
  • We took one road trip to Virginia for my lovely friend’s wedding and all other travel really consisted of going back and forth to the U.S. to visit family. We’re hoping we can do a little something in July this year, which we both have off.
  • We read the 5 Love Languages book. Super awesome and super helpful. I highly recommend it.
  • Overall, we worked unbelievably hard this year. We’re proud and patting each other on the backs for staying strong in sometimes trying situations. Having one medical school student and one workaholic in a tiny apartment on a tiny island should probably spell disaster, but we got through it like champs and we’re ready for year #4.

Here’s hoping everyone else is having a great start to the new year! Any marriage tips from the 10+year experts? I always love to hear them!

9 responses to “3rd Year In Review

  1. You’ve had quite the year! I’m a new reader and I’m excited that I get to join you on your next year of budget blonde awesome-ness!

    Happy anniversary!

  2. I love my crockpot! Sounds strange but it’s amazing to be able to toss everything in and have a yummy meal come out at the end of a busy work day. Glad Julep is OK, and congrats on the credit cards. Oh and, Happy Anniversary! Hoping 2013 brings you health, happiness and financial prosperity.

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