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2nd Year In Review

  January 18

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Last year I wrote a post called “First Year in Review” where I listed all the major milestones, highs, and lows of 2010. So, of course we have to do the same for 2011!

It’s a great way for the hubs and me to keep tabs on our marriage, our life, and our crazy adventures.

Because our anniversary is on January 2, each year is a new start not only for us individually but for our marriage as well.

Let’s see how we did in 2011:

Number of months living apart: 5 (last year 4.5) 
Number of months living together: 7 (last year 7.5)
Vacations/Mini Vacations: I visited the hubs in Grenada and decided to move there with him!
Big purchase: Several international plane tickets (last year: Hubby’s tv – my how things have changed. We don’t even own a tv now!)
Julep turned 2.
Pieces of furniture refinished: 5 (last year 2)
Best night out to eat: Juleps in Richmond (a gift from my parents for hubs’ 4.0 – and yes bearing the same name as our dog-child!)
# of credit cards completely paid off: Lots of progress made but none completely paid off last year.
# of credit cards to go: 2
Most expensive month of 2011: May, due to moving our belongings 1100 miles back home.
The blog made 1 year and 200 followers – can’t thank you enough for stopping in!
Other milestones and big changes for 2011: I finished my master’s degree. I moved to Grenada! Hubs finished his master’s degree in public health as part of the 1st year of his 5 year program. He’s now in the med school part, and I couldn’t be prouder. 
Julep rode on a plane for the first time!
We took Christmas pictures on the beach.
Number of arguments: countless!
#1 topic argued about: household chores (Last year: household chores – I’m sensing a pattern.)
Favorite gifts from hubby this year: My anniversary present, an amazing necklace made out of seeds found right here in Grenada.
Favorite gift to hubs from me: His coffee cup, which I made for him myself at a pottery place in Grenada.
I had a legit near death experience that still freaks me out when I think about it.
I started writing for two different websites.
Number of pounds I lost in 2011: 10 (Thank you hills of Grenada)
Number of pounds the hubs lost in 2011: 50!!! (Amazing job, babe!)
Illness: Only one nasty flu type thing when I first got to Grenada. Oh, and the mango rash, brought on by the local mangos – Apparently they have something on their skin that’s a bit like poison ivy. So, hey, cheers to good health.
Julep discovered the Jurassic Park-like lizards in Grenada are much more interesting than the chipmunks of yore.
The one dish I learned how to make really well: Spaghetti with spagetti sauce from scratch.
I started a huge sea glass collection.
Number of items donated or given away: 2011 in 2011!
Best Memory of 2011: Arriving in Grenada at midnight, exhausted and just completely spent, opening our apartment door, plopping down on our bed in delirium and looking at each other smiling, saying “Wow. We did it! I can’t believe we did it!” Moving to a foreign country is scary but exhilarating. We are just so happy to be here.
Overall number of tears: plenty
Overall number of hugs: plenty more
And number of years we hope to still be married? Until our hearts stop beating….xoxo

(Psst. Budget Blonde fan? Thanks for sticking around! This is Wherever Wednesday will resume next week on January 25- Thanks to those of you who asked about it! I recently had the great honor of getting a job here in Grenada and am diligently working on a schedule so that I can work and still bring you 3 posts a week! Thanks for your patience!)

6 responses to “2nd Year In Review

  1. Wow! 2011 was a huge year for you guys. Glad to hear you’re doing well and that you’ve got a job in Grenada. Can’t wait to read more posts from you, Cat!

  2. 2011 was a crazy busy and life changing year for you two 🙂
    And you guys made it through alive!! woohooo!!
    I can’t wait to hear what 2012 has to bring. I see many great things on the horizon!!

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