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2 Easy Ways to Consolidate Your Student Loans

  October 13

When you’re 18 and everyone around you is visiting colleges, and you’re being barraged by one question over and over again: “So where are you going to school?” It seems only natural to start looking into those schools yourself. To find the best one for your interests. To get the best degree you can, and … Continued

Writing Wrap Up + Our Pledge + $260,000 In Loans

  August 9

Hey yo! It’s writing wrap up time. Enjoy a bunch of awesome personal finance articles linked below and yes, the student loan balance listed in the title is for real. Details below! Life Update: Our Pledge The hubs and I have decided that we will go to the pool and the beach at least once … Continued

Soapbox Time: Medical School & 6 Figure Loans

  July 29

I’m sitting here surrounded by sticky notes, notes that have blog topics ideas scribbled all over them, but I don’t want to write about those topics right now. Instead, I want to write about something that I’ve been wanting to share for quite some time. It’s one of those posts where I’m not really sure … Continued
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