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Planning For Your Death: How it Can Save You Time AND Money

  April 7

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medical school spousesOver the course of our lives, we will unfortunately lose many of our family and friends. It’s not the cheeriest topic, but it really is important to make plans for when our time comes so that we don’t burden those around us.

A few things you should consider now, while you’re young, is making a will and planning the cost of the funeral so that you can have these financial strains lifted from your family members.
It’s actually kind of crazy how much funerals cost. Funeral plans and life insurance can literally save your family from having to shell out thousands and thousands of dollars. Seriously, the last thing anyone wants to do when their family member passes away is worry about things like big checks. That’s why you should consider actually planning your funeral including the cost of it so you can have the type of sendoff you want. If you don’t you risk having a simple somber affair that lacks the personality you might have wanted when your friends and family grieved your loss.

Again, I know it sounds morbid, but if you plan ahead, you can actually choose your favorite song, poem, hymn or psalm, as well as making your funeral as religious or secular as you wish.

Naturally, the same principle applies to writing up your will, allowing you to split your assets up as you wish. The process, again, can be a simple one if you’re clear with your lawyer about what you want to happen to your worldly possessions.

All in all, the lesson to learn if you want to save cash for this is to plan ahead. As time catches up with you, it’s good to know that you’ve got everything covered!

Do you have a funeral plan or a will? Did my post depress you enough?!

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