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I’ve Never Gambled Before but I Want To

  March 10

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heidi and spencerSo, I am 26 years old. I’ve never gambled before, and I kind of want to. Just for a second at least.

It’s not that I haven’t gambled because I am adamantly against it or anything. I just haven’t made my way to a casino to try my hand at a game or two.

Hubs has been before but nothing as extreme as a regular guys night. He says I have unrealistic expectations of casinos, mostly because I am really set on having a “Bond Girl Moment”. Basically I want to wear a sexy dress, killer shoes, and go to a roulette table and be all like “Red 21!” and have everyone cheer when it hits exactly right.

My honest opinion about this whole thing is that gambling is fine – in moderation (like most great things in life, aka wine.) I think as long as you go into the experience with a set dollar amount in mind and absolutely do not let yourself spend any more than that, then it’s okay. Oh, and you should be able to afford it too, planning the expense as part of your entertainment budget.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing poker with friends, playing online at Lucky Nugget, or just hanging out in a restaurant where there are slot machines. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand, then I say it’s alright. I actually have a really good friend who’s been planning a trip to Vegas for her anniversary for months. She’s been saving up money in a high yield savings account just for the occasion so they can enjoy their anniversary without worrying if they have enough cash to go to the casinos. In my opinion, that’s the perfect way to plan something like that!

Unfortunately, I probably have a little ways to go before I get my Bond Girl Moment, and the hubs tells me I will look totally ridiculous in my fancy dress amid all the old ladies and drunk college seniors. But, you know me. I’m going to go all out and in style, and maybe even start a trend. Seriously, people, let’s bring fancy back to casinos and have a grand ol’ time.

Have you ever gambled before? If so, did you enjoy it?

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