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Jessica Blog Swap

  September 27

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Hi! I’m Cat from the blog



and I’m so excited to be swapping blogs with Jessica today!

What I love about Jessica’s style of writing is that she is so honest and genuine. She “keeps it real” and tells about her life in a charming and engaging way.

In keeping with her style, I’d love to share a major life-altering decision I recently made.

Perhaps you’ve made these before too?

It’s the kind of decision where you know there is a massive fork in the road with no overlap. It’s the type of decision that you know will change your life forever. It’s the kind you can’t really undo.

You see, my life was pretty cushy. I had a fantastic job that a lot of people wanted. I had great friends, a cute little townhouse, and all my boxes and boxes of wedding gifts from my recent wedding.

But, even with that sort of “white picket fence” life, my husband and I felt unsettled. There were things we wanted to do, a life we wanted to live. A big part of that was my husband’s desire to go to medical school. He loved his job, but he wanted to be something more.

And so, at 26 years old, he decided to bite the bullet and applied to a ton of medical schools.

I’ll never forget the day he got the e-mail saying he got in. The look on his face, the sound of his voice – it was priceless.

So, what’s so life altering about that?

Just a small detail…

The medical school he got into just so happens to be in the Caribbean.


So, after a lot of talking, I quit my job. We sold practically everything in that three-bedroom town home. We went down to the Caribbean at separate points due to some overlapping school schedules. We skyped. We spent time apart. And finally, just over a month ago we moved into our apartment down here as a family, dog and all!


If you told me even a year ago this is where I’d be living, I wouldn’t have believed you.

But I have to say, I am happier here than I ever have been. And, it’s not because I get to see pretty water every day. It’s because things are simpler here. It’s because I don’t have an iphone anymore. It’s because life is slower.

Sometimes, it’s terrifying to take a leap like that. It’s like jumping to a big black hole and not knowing where you’ll land.

Sometimes the place you land takes some getting used to.

But usually, taking a risk really pays off, and I’m so glad we’re getting to have this once in a lifetime experience.

So please tell me, have you ever made a big decision like this? Have you ever done something risky and did it pay off? Anyone else ever live in a 270 sq ft apartment? Anyone? 🙂

To check out more of my Caribbean adventures, you can find me on my blog, twitter, and facebook.

Thanks so much Jessica for blog swapping with me!

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