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Is it Selfish to Not Have Kids?

  April 23

This is DC from Young Adult Money. While Cat is away on maternity leave I’m filling in and talking about the benefits of, well, not having kids! Don’t worry, I made sure this topic was okay with Cat beforehand 😉 My wife and I are a “DINK” couple – Dual Income No Kids. While we … Continued

Good Financial Habits Are Way More Important Than Net Worth

  November 11

My net worth is negative. Very negative. I know because I just calculated it yesterday, after J$ encouraged us all to do so. It wasn’t as though it was a surprise. I was just curious how negative it would be, and as expected, it’s several six figures in the red. As many of you know, … Continued

My Affordable Engagement Ring

  July 3

The locals in Grenada call an engagement ring a “married ring.” It’s really cute. The kids here always ask to see my married ring, and on the rare occasion when I get my nails done, the ladies in the salon always seem to ask me about it too. I love it because it was an … Continued

5 Tips for Newlyweds to Create a Strong Financial Future

  June 27

The following is a guest post. To submit a guest post idea to Budget Blonde, please e-mail Cat Budget Blonde com. Editor’s Note: June is wedding season, y’all, and that means lots of couples will be tying the knot, taking their honeymoons, and trying to get through that first year of marriage! I’ve … Continued
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