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The Hubs Wins A Money “Discussion”

  November 5

I’ve written a bunch about marriage and money before, but I’ve never really discussed a specific incident where the hubs and I disagreed on how money should be handled. It’s actually pretty rare for us to full out argue about money because we have our system really down pat. I can maybe count one time … Continued

The Difference Between Buying and Leasing Cars

  July 26

The following is a guest post from Tammy Lee Dawson. If you’d like to guest post on Budget Blonde, please e-mail me at CatBudgetBlondecom. Editor’s note: This post was pretty timely since a few days ago I revealed that I spend a whopping $500 on my car lease in Grenada every month! Crazy! So, when … Continued

Pay Off Cards Or Save For An Emergency?

  August 15

What comes first, the chicken emergency fund or the egg paying off credit cards? Manisha Thakor, author of On My Own Two Feet, says to go for the emergency fund first. Her reasoning is that the average “unexpected” expenses for Americans is $2,000.00 per year. That sort of price tag can plunge you even further … Continued

What To Do When Your Budget Doesn’t Work

  July 21

I am obsessed with budgets, y’all. I love to make them, love to write about them, and I love to use them. But, you probably already knew that. This time around, however, I am feeling a little pinch. I am feeling uneasy. I am feeling like I’ve pretty much done all I could to live … Continued
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