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Get Rid of 2011!!

  January 7

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Unlike Calvin up there, I have many goals and resolutions for this year!! They all revolve around improving my daily life. I did a lot of growing up last year from holding down my first full time job to managing all of my bills to learning how to live with the hubs in the same house. But, as with life, there is still much more to learn and many more feats to accomplish.

My resolutions really fall under one huge category: Organize My Life. When I get more organized with how I spend my money, I can save more. When I organize my grocery lists and plan meals, I give myself more time to do the things I enjoy. When I plan what I’ll buy at the store rather than throw things in the basket, I come home with a healthier batch of food. When I organize my schedule, I take better care of myself, my dog, my blog, and my school work.

Unfortunately, organizing doesn’t really come naturally for me. It takes constant vigilance and good habits. I already donated three huge boxes of clothes to Goodwill at the end of last year but there is more to go! In fact, let me just go ahead and declare that my goal for 2011…

….is to get rid of 2,011 things!

This might seem like a shocking number… but ladies and gentlemen, there is an entire room of junk and several closets that you have yet to see….
Are you up for the challenge?

5 responses to “Get Rid of 2011!!

  1. This is such a great goal! Can I just support you in this project though and not participate? haha I moved back in August and I purged ALOT of stuff, so now I’m afraid that I don’t have 2,011 things to get rid of.

    Let us know how it goes!

  2. OMGoodness!!!! 2,011 things? YOu should make another blog on the items, that would be pretty cool to see, except it might take too much time!!! LOl.
    Do I have that may items to get rid of? Probably! Can I meet this challenge –probably not–as commitment is an issue of mine..hehehe. says the woman married for 22 years. Perhaps I can meet your challenge by just tossing out 2,011 brads??? Would that count????LOl

    Seriously–great goal! I’ll shout out for you.

    Happy New Year to you and your family–may it be the best organized year for you yet!!!

  3. Hello Budget Blonde, I am the Blonde Bargain Babe. 🙂 I stumbled upon your blog, and I really like it! Your wedding posts were especially cool for me, because I am actually getting married on 5/13 of this year. 🙂

    Here’s to a fantastic 2011!!!


  4. Fabulous goal. I actually love getting rid of stuff; it’s kind of a Zen feeling. LIke my entire life is that much simpler and freer of clutter because I got rid of those three sweaters I never wear.

    It also helps that my mom was an army brat, and she passed along the “get rid of half your things when you move” vibe to me!

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