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3 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Work From Home Mom

  November 10

It’s hard to believe I’ve been self-employed since January of 2014! Wow, how time flies! Growing my tiny blog into a blog that generates thousands of dollars a month was not easy. Then, add kids to the mix, and some days, it feels downright impossible. However, there are three core lessons I’ve learned as a … Continued

Why We Invested Over $10,000 in Ourselves This Year

  October 27

The hubs and I invested over $10,000 in our careers this year, and although it seems like a lot of money, we don’t regret it one bit. When it comes to large financial decisions like the ones we made this year, the hubs and I always make them together. And, it’s funny. I seem to always push hubs … Continued

2 Easy Ways to Consolidate Your Student Loans

  October 13

When you’re 18 and everyone around you is visiting colleges, and you’re being barraged by one question over and over again: “So where are you going to school?” It seems only natural to start looking into those schools yourself. To find the best one for your interests. To get the best degree you can, and … Continued

4 Ways to Avoid Being a Workaholic

  September 25

It’s no secret that I love to work and I love this little job I’ve created for myself. Earlier in the week I got back from the Financial Blogger’s Conference, which is a really fun but also super important conference if you run a business that’s centered around acquiring clients like mine. While at FinCon, … Continued

Heading to The Financial Bloggers Conference & A Writing Wrap Up

  September 17

Today I’m on my way bright and early to Charlotte, NC to the Financial Bloggers Conference. The schedule is super jam packed, even more so than last year, and I’m excited to be there as a speaker this time around talking about – what else – freelance writing online. The Financial Bloggers conference, better known … Continued

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Spouse’s Career Hold You Back

  September 2

I have a public service announcement for everyone out there – and especially women – because it seems to me there’s a common trend of women allowing their spouse’s career to hold them back in life. I don’t know why this is – whether it’s a lack of confidence, fear, or because they don’t want … Continued

The Grandparents Came To Visit & A Writing Wrap Up

  August 21

Last week, my in laws came to visit from Louisiana and were such a huge help. I went a whole week without washing bottles or doing the dishes, and I so appreciated the extra sets of hands around here. The last time they saw their grandkids was when we surprised them by flying to Louisiana … Continued

The 3 Incredible Benefits of Freezer Cooking

  July 22

Today I have a guest post for you from one of my coaching students, Abby. Enjoy! If you’re like me, 5 p.m. is the time of day when things start to get a bit frenzied. As someone who works from home, I know I should at least start dinner around then if I want a … Continued

Animal House: How to Budget for Your Family’s Pet

  July 8

If you own a pet you likely treat them as a member of the family. The unconditional love and companionship that a pet offers is invaluable and we can’t imagine our lives without them. The care and feeding of a pet is a vital part of any household budget, and unfortunately these expenses can add … Continued
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