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Caribbean Flair

  March 15

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You could probably guess from the guest posts that I snuck away over the weekend. Even though I was supposed to see the hubs after three months, two was about the limit for me so I went to go see my hunny:



For privacy reasons, I did not mention immediately where the hubs was going to medical school (read all about that announcement here) but now that we are a few months in and I will be visiting him from time to time, I’d love to tell you all about… Grenada! Take a look at the bottom right of the map:



Yep, hubby is attending a very cool international medical school in the Caribbean. He’s learning so much about other cultures since his classmates are from all over the world. For example, between his five roommates, they speak 6 languages and are from 4 different countries. It’s a really amazing experience for him. He is studying his patootie off but it’s in a can’t-beat-the-views location:
Grenada is a pretty budget friendly travel location so if it’s alright with you, this week’s posts will have some Caribbean flair. I’ll tell you all about it, and I even have a fun giveaway in store! Can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s posts!

9 responses to “Caribbean Flair

  1. You get major cajones points for posting a bathing suit picture… way to rock the confidence! 🙂 (And you look fab, too.)

    I’m sure the distance is tough, but at least he’s in a place that’s wonderful to visit. Looking forward to future posts and more pictures!


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